10 Things To Remember When The One You Love Has Anxiety

I can’t quite recall the exact moment when I felt like the odd one out. From memory it was a time in kindergarten when all the other kids would play together, but I would spend time alone holding the rabbits, playing with the guinea pigs and drawing the caterpillars. The thought of interacting with the … More 10 Things To Remember When The One You Love Has Anxiety

Daily Thoughts #12

Extraordinary Chickens – By Janet Hill. Hill says “I almost called this painting ‘Lemon Chicken’ but thought better of it when I realized the insinuation that she will be eating lemon chicken for dinner that night.  And that’s not a very pleasant thought.  But she is drinking lemonade so she is resourceful with her citrus fruit … More Daily Thoughts #12

De-stress your life

When I was younger, I was asked very often from my classmates several times a day, Katie are you okay? This year I still get told, Katie you look stressed. Sometimes, I’m not. Sometimes, I am. I think when we aren’t conscious about our expressions, they show through our emotions. Over the years it has … More De-stress your life

How to Stop Worrying

It’s the last week of the Semester break. I think my new years resolution is not really looking completed *sigh*. That’s okay though. I think everyone has had the list of unrealistic goals at the start of the new year, planning to tick off everything on the list. I’m happy that the sun is finally … More How to Stop Worrying