When We Talk About The Year Flying By

Daily Thoughts

Gone were the days when I used to wear my Hello Kitty watch on my wrist every morning, and take it off every night. Soon after I got my first phone, I gradually wasn’t so concerned of time. Although, when I think about how days seem to have a feeling, I think about how often we tend to say “This years gone by so fast!” Mondays feel like a fresh start to the week, Wednesdays are when everyones happy for the middle of the week and Sundays are always the day of relaxation. There are days that just feel slow or fast. When we talk about a whole year, it’s very often that we feel that each year just seems to disappear.

I remember in my very first job, I was talking to a co-worker who was in her 50’s. She told me that as you grow older, you just have to make the most of each year, as they feel faster over time. It just gave me a positive reminder of why we need to have forgiveness, love, strong relationships and different experiences in our lives. In terms of bad memories, nothing lasts forever. You know that feeling when you hit a new year, but you’re still used to calling it the previous year. That is how I feel about early November, where I’m still convinced it must be October. I don’t know when those seconds, minutes, hours and days went by, but they did.

When you were young, did you ever think to yourself “I want to be a grown up now”. I often had that thought, but thinking back one realises how you only have a childhood once, and how precious that is. Perhaps there is a certain truth when one says “As you grow older, time seems to go faster.” A digital project about time can be found here. I remember hearing the phrase “Do Everything Before You’re Ready” by Jodie Fox, which is one of the most wonderful pieces of advice to live by. When you think about it, we all have dreams and goals we want to reach. There is a human instinct to tend to wait until the perfect moment or the right time.The truth is very often there is no perfect time, we just need to go for it.

If it doesn’t work out or we realise that this isn’t what we really want to do, the great thing is that you tried and now know it wasn’t meant to be. A great quote by J.K. Rowling says “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” No matter what you want to pursue, whether that be a hobby, experience, career or a relationship, now is a better time than never. If you ever face a particularly tough period of your life, know that it will pass. Time has a magical power of healing many wounds. As for the years flying by, it’s a reminder to us all that we can’t take everything in life too seriously.

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People Come And Go In Our Lives For A Reason

Daily Thoughts

d766c90c0bfbddd713fba1e3f1ca379f.jpgThere is a reason why people come and go (or stay) in our lives. When I reflect back on the people I have met over the course of my life, I realise that no matter what the relationship was like with the person, I learned something from it. It’s very common for people to ask others, how someone is doing and what they’re up to now, as I’ve come to realise. But it’s rare that they truly care, and more often they just want to gossip about it. They will talk about things that they know the details of about two sentences of. I say this because I only have a very very small amount of people I talk to in my life, who know what I’m going through. It shows that often the people we will have a long term (or life time) relationship with, are the ones who truly care.

People come and go in our lives, but this happens in a lot of other aspects of our lives. These include jobs, material possessions, familiarity, new places and such. The lessons we learn from mistakes, experiences, people, new things and memories. When we are young, it’s natural to have different friendship groups especially because we change so much during those years. A common example in the way people come and go, is the way we interact and see everyone everyday at school. The day when everyone leaves the nest, people tend to only keep in contact with those that also put in the effort, time and care for. That is when you will learn that many friends interact with others out of convenience and other friendships last through distance and time.

The people who come may be in your life at that time to help you through a period of struggle or share joyful moments together. They may be someone who shows you their true colours, and teaches you the importance of surrounding yourself with those with similar values. Everyone will share different advice, but it’s the choice and ability to choose the one that is beneficial to yourself. The wonderful thing about meeting new people, is the way that we are all just strangers walking by. There is so much to discover and get to know from a person when we take the time. The encounters we have can often teach us something about the person or about ourselves. We discover more about how our mind works and how someone else may see the world.

The people who go may go naturally or through different reasons. Perhaps it may of developed into a toxic relationship, other times someone may be moving away and sometimes it’s simply that time to go separate ways. We won’t be best friends with every person in our lives, and every relationship will have its ups and downs. It’s like a chapter beautifully closing and other times it’s a chapter of your life that is much needed. People are living their own life, they’re moving and changing and sometimes two people cannot move the same direction together. It means that they must go away on their separate paths. An example is a beautiful friend I met last year. She was always there to show that she cared, listened and we shared lovely conversations together. But, over time we simply moved on with our own lives.

The people who stay are very often those such as our family and those who we share an emotional connection with over the years. They are people we place our trust and love with. Long term relationships grow over time, because both individuals experience the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster. Even through the tough times, they stick together and make the effort and time to make it work. Life is a journey, not a destination. Time will always keep going and we have to move with it. We’ve all experienced good and bad relationships with people, but a few things I find very important in a positive friendship is to have trust, similar values, the ability to make time, being a good listener, understanding without judgment and sharing joy for the small things.

art by Lieke van der Vorst