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Remember To Treasure The Gift Of Life

23e79adf57cc349da35c274954e03ae1.jpgLife is fleeting. Time never stops or waits for us, but it teaches us many valuable lessons in our lives. Recently, I experienced a loss of a close member of my family. She was intelligent, strong and wise. As a young girl, I looked at the younger photos of her, and saw the beauty and grace she possessed. The kind that comes naturally. She wrote beautifully, and taught my sister and I how to write calligraphy, and would never cease to remind us of the importance, the art and the beauty of the Chinese language. There was an energy of encouragement to always learn something new. It’s a reminder of how important it is to treasure our lives.

No matter what age we are, we’ll always be learning. That is one of the many gifts of life. Education doesn’t stop after you graduate, because we learn various lessons throughout our lives. Knowledge is limitless, and there is always something to learn in each new day. When you experience a loss, it makes you really realise that we will all die someday. It’s a natural process of life, and it reminds us to make the most of it. The koi fish above symbolise good fortune in Japanese culture. My grandmother practiced Buddhism for as long as I can remember. I still remember her telling me a mosquito was in her room, but she couldn’t kill it.

I thought of Koi fishes, because when I was younger, there were many of them in the water below the bridge that we would often walk on every time we visited her. They are such beautiful creatures. The speech by David Foster Wallace reminds us that we have a choice in life. Everyone will have those small moments in their day to day lives, where they blank out or feel frustrated. Those are often the moments that we can create meaning in, or we can ignore them and let them pass. It’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to feel those feelings that we all go through.

Let’s appreciate how much life is around us, and be grateful for those who are and have been in our lives. Every person we encounter teaches us something new. Nobody is perfect. Nobody can stay young forever, but they can always be young at heart. That tells us how important it is to see things with your heart more often, even when the world tells us to look with our eyes. I saw an advertisement recently that read seeing is believing. They were pointing towards the discounts they were having.  I’d like to think that actually believing is seeing. As always, in The Little Prince, it says But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart…

photography by bonzo