The Places That Feel Like Home To You


ad74daa0e6c2878d7558152d8c964d19Home is a feeling. It’s a place that we feel a sense of belonging, comfort, familiarity, love and shelter. The fresh countryside air, freshly cut grass, a cat laying in the sun and the warmth of a Summer’s day make me think of home. Perhaps certain memories make us feel at home or certain places, but most of all, the people we are with can make us feel at home. When I arrived back in New Zealand at the beginning of the year, I felt right where I needed to be. There was a great sense of comfort from being back in somewhere I grew up in. Home is also the people that we are with, no matter where we are. Being with family makes me feel right at home, because you can be yourself without any walls.

There are certain places that make me feel a sense of home, including the moments I read in the library, sit at the park, take a long walk or soak up the sun. They give me memories of growing up on the farm and reading outside on the grass, taking long walks on the farm and the long Summer holidays. I haven’t really felt at home this year, since living at the place for nearly a year. However, there are moments that make me feel a sense of home, when I’m reading, cooking, in my room listening to music, doing the groceries or talking to family. I recently went back home, and it felt good to be somewhere I felt comfortable and free.

I’m not sure about you, but I am quite a private person and there are very rarely people that I’m willing to open up to. If I am willing to open up to, it’s because they make me feel a sense of home. There’s a sense of honesty and openness that one feels, when they feel at home. The word home has strong connotations of love, trust, family, comfort and shelter. It’s the space where you can be completely yourself and the place that you build memories, and grow as a person. The simple reminders of home can come from childhood experiences and the relationships we have. What does home mean to you?

Art by  Yelena Bryksenkova