The Problem With Being A Friendly Person

Being kind and friendly is important, because it spreads positivity, and I’m sure we’d all prefer to engage with people who are kindhearted, caring, positive and understanding. Being friendly is never wrong, but there are certain times where I realise that it can be misinterpreted. I think often friendliness can be mistaken for flirting, especially … More The Problem With Being A Friendly Person

The Perception of True Beauty in a digital world

As one can imagine, our generation is undoubtedly the technological era of the internet, growing inventions and new products. Did you ever watch Disney films or any classic animation when you were a child, and felt that it was truly real? Interestingly enough, much of our perceptions of reality comes from our own actions and … More The Perception of True Beauty in a digital world

Daily Thoughts #14

Sunday night was magical. The people, the vibe, the presence of God and the deep meaning in the words that were spoken. It really enlightened me, not only in my mind, but in my heart. Just recently, I read the article of Willow Smith on i-D magazine, and it just makes me relieved to know, … More Daily Thoughts #14

Little Joys In Life

It’s so often that we allow negative thoughts to consume our mind. It is also so often that we focus on the things that we don’t have, rather than seeing and appreciating the things we do have. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, as they are literally the seed of our actions. What you think, you become. … More Little Joys In Life

How to be Kind

Generosity is so simple yet often we forget to express it. Every person is capable of expressing kindness, whether by giving a smile to someone or helping to open a door. It can come in all shapes and sizes, big or small. Simple ways of expressing kindness are: Saying hi..Just a simple act of acknowledging … More How to be Kind