Floating on a Cloud

Did you ever lay on the grass as a child, gazing at the clouds whilst deciphering what animal or mythical creature you see? I remember it very well, and it always seemed as if time flew by before the magical creatures would disappear into another transformation floating away. That moment where time felt still, yet … More Floating on a Cloud

Little Joys In Life

It’s so often that we allow negative thoughts to consume our mind. It is also so often that we focus on the things that we don’t have, rather than seeing and appreciating the things we do have. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, as they are literally the seed of our actions. What you think, you become. … More Little Joys In Life

Daily Thoughts #11

Image from www.hdwallpapersinn.com Over the mountain of feeling slight exhaustion that may prolong the day, there is always the feeling of gratitude at the end of it. I watched a video of Wendy’s Lookbook which inspired me and reminded me to look at the world from an open view. To avoid narrowing our view of the … More Daily Thoughts #11

A Special Skirt

When I was in Taiwan I loved to look inside my mother’s wardrobe. As soon as I laid my eyes on this skirt I fell in love with it. My mother said it was a gift. In Chinese culture, when you are getting married, it is a tradition to buy new clothes. This floral skirt … More A Special Skirt