Five Tips On Reducing Plastic Bag Use

If you have heard of the environmental impact of plastic bags, then you know¬†how much harm they can cause. In the late 1970's, according to, the "Paper or Plastic" wars began. The plastic bag was introduced to the supermarket industry, and were beginning to overtake¬†the paper bags. Did you know that the World Economic… Continue reading Five Tips On Reducing Plastic Bag Use

The Art Of Minimalism And Letting Go Of Materials

Minimalism may leave one thinking of a Zen garden or a spacious room. Over the years, I've decluttered and cleaned out many things that are not needed, or only take up space. They no longer serve a purpose, and are often a piece of paper with a note or a pair of shoes that you… Continue reading The Art Of Minimalism And Letting Go Of Materials

Why I Can’t Help Loving Cats

I grew up in the country side, and as many small town country girl stories could go, you can imagine there were a lot of rolling green hills, endless forests, running streams, lakes, beautiful skies, fresh air and animals. I've had numerous pets and farm animals from cats, budgies, mice, fish, guinea pigs, dog, chickens,… Continue reading Why I Can’t Help Loving Cats