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How To Consume Less And Live More Abundantly

We live in a consumer society that tells us that more is not enough, and that we are always constantly needing more. We need to update our technology, buy this product to be happy and wear this to fit in. There is so much clothing, technology, food and so forth that are disposed of in land fills every year. It makes me think about how much do I really need to live an abundant life? and the answer really is: not a lot. Materials can give us short term satisfaction, but the true things that sustain long term peace in our lives are the people we surround ourselves with, our environment, our friends and family, positive self talk and being grateful for what we have, from the water, food, electricity to the sun, moon and stars.

Be grateful for what you have in your life. There is an endless plethora of things we can be grateful for. Most of us have everything we need in our lives to live contently. Food, water, electricity, shelter and clothing are just some of the basic things that not everyone in the world are able to have. When we practice gratitude, we place the focus on all the things in our life that we are fortunate to have, and we acknowledge it.

Buy with intention and invest in your items. Buy with the mindset that you are purchasing something you’d like to keep for a long time, rather than wear or use a few times and throw away. I do truly feel that there is only so much we can have, and that especially within the fashion industry, we are told by the media to always be buying and keeping up with more and more of the new styles and trends each season.

Live with things that have value and purpose. It’s better to have one thing that is of high quality, than several things that break easily or don’t last very long. Something that I think of is my laptop and smart phone. I’m someone who uses technology until it breaks down, because I can’t justify buying a new phone because it’s an updated version. When we use what we own to the fullest, we give it purpose and value.

Make friends with positive and kind people. This is so important to our well being and the bubble of energy we create in our life, because the people we choose to surround ourselves can be influential to a degree. It’s better to have a few genuine friends, than a crowd of people that you might not feel a deep connection with. Surround yourself with people who are beautiful inside and out.

Focus on what is important and practice gratitude. In many situations, we realise what is important. In our everyday life, we breeze through yet we are so blessed to have good health, breathe in fresh air and have family and friends that love us and who we love dearly. If you fall sick or face a tough situation, those are moments that emphasise the blessing of good health. I think one of the most important things in life are our relationships with people.

Discover your interests and implement them into your daily life. One of the things I love to do is take long walks. Doing what you love takes your focus off things that are surfaced level, and really takes you into focusing on the things that matter. Whether that may be writing, singing, exercising, gardening or cooking. If we are always buying things that we know we won’t really use, then they lose meaning and can be a waste of money. By embracing our interests, we can save more money and time by doing those activities rather than buying.

Know that you are truly beautiful because of your heart. As we are told that this and that will make us beautiful, living an abundant life is accepting yourself for who you are and knowing that you were born into this earth for a purpose. You are beautiful not because of the clothes you wear, the makeup you apply or the shape of your body. You are wholeheartedly beautiful just the way you are, because of your kindness, compassion and light.

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