You Are Capable Of Much More Than Looking Pretty

When I was younger, whenever there was a new girl at school, one of the girls at school (who later became a fashion model) and her friends would always ask “is she prettier than us?” It was quite sad to see that many young girls already put their self worth on physical attractiveness, comparing themselves to … More You Are Capable Of Much More Than Looking Pretty

Everyone is Different

Ah, where to begin. This blog post is motivation from the lovely beauty, lifestyle and fashion youtuber, Dani Mansutti blog post.I have struggled with this all my life, but it has been more of a struggle these past several months, and it has been one of those personal, internal struggles that is difficult to put clearly into … More Everyone is Different


A beautiful short film by Carlos Lascano The simple beauty of life. Imagination can take you beyond the horizon. Art is a universal language that anyone can understand. Our actions speak louder to people than our words ever will. Our self projects so much energy of how we feel and others can truly feel that when … More LILA

Daily Thoughts #8

My lucky number is 8. I like the way it looks like an infinity sign and the way it symbolises open possibilities, trust and endless love. It’s exactly one week until I make my way to Taiwan and Australia. I’m starting to feel the slight butterflies and fluttery feelings inside my stummy (stomach/tummy). It’s a … More Daily Thoughts #8

Daily Thought #6

What a Wonderful World. Those are the lovely words ringing in my head. As well as the song: Call me when you get this~ Corinne Bailey Rae. The spring weather has been sweet. Almost as sweet as a watermelon smoothie with vanilla ice cream. New Zealand’s blue skies are one of the most beautiful blue skies … More Daily Thought #6

What is Beautiful?

What is beautiful? It’s so individually perceived (even though the media tells us differently). Google  says beautiful is : pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. I think beauty is being unique and one of a kind. It’s embracing yourself and staying true to yourself. Beauty is having kindness and shedding positive light into the world. … More What is Beautiful?