The Similarities & Differences Between Sydney & Auckland

At first I wanted to write about the similarities and differences between New Zealand and Australia. However, I have only traveled to one city in Australia. A little background is that I was born and raised in New Zealand and I moved to Australia at 18. Being in Australia for just over a year and a half, … More The Similarities & Differences Between Sydney & Auckland

Daily Thoughts #8

My lucky number is 8. I like the way it looks like an infinity sign and the way it symbolises open possibilities, trust and endless love. It’s exactly one week until I make my way to Taiwan and Australia. I’m starting to feel the slight butterflies and fluttery feelings inside my stummy (stomach/tummy). It’s a … More Daily Thoughts #8

Daily Thoughts #7

It’s the final week. Not a dramatic exclamation especially after eating a chocolate filled bun. It is however the final week of University for 2014. Every moment I keep thinking “this is the last lecture..last time I walk this path..last time I see these people”. I’m making myself feel like I am in a movie … More Daily Thoughts #7

Daily Thoughts #3

I arrived back to Auckland from Wellington two nights ago. The weather was beautiful there and everyday there was blue skies and sunshine. I caught a cold before I came back to Auckland and now there is that feeling where you know you need to lie in your bed all day and drink lots of … More Daily Thoughts #3