Philippines Travel Diary: Boracay Island & Manila

The Philippines was such an amazing trip. When I was leaving Taiwan, it was around 20 degrees, and landing in Manila, it was around 30 degrees. The sky was a beautiful blue, and as we head back to my friend’s place, there were so many Christmas decorations everywhere. You could really feel the festive feeling … More Philippines Travel Diary: Boracay Island & Manila

Living in Sydney

deer from pretty little studio When I moved to Sydney I felt so blessed being able to wake up to the sunshine and fall asleep to the beautiful skies. First thing you have to know before moving to Sydney, is that it’s one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. I remember … More Living in Sydney

winter in taipei

I prefer to say Eye Dessert, because candy never really tickled my fancy.I’m more of a chocolate person.  Winter in Taipei is shiver me timbers cold. It’s cold and freezes your nose quicker than Auckland. There are odd days where the sun comes out and you feel a sweat coming on. I like that everywhere I go, … More winter in taipei

Daily Thoughts #3

I arrived back to Auckland from Wellington two nights ago. The weather was beautiful there and everyday there was blue skies and sunshine. I caught a cold before I came back to Auckland and now there is that feeling where you know you need to lie in your bed all day and drink lots of … More Daily Thoughts #3