Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

I remember when I was researching online, many orthodontists, dentists, students and parents said that after a while their patient or child adjusted well to the braces and could continue playing their woodwind instrument. However from making excessive research on this, I decided that I would be able to adjust. I wanted to write this article, … More Can You Play the Flute with Metal Braces?

Daily Thoughts #7

It’s the final week. Not a dramatic exclamation especially after eating a chocolate filled bun. It is however the final week of University for 2014. Every moment I keep thinking “this is the last lecture..last time I walk this path..last time I see these people”. I’m making myself feel like I am in a movie … More Daily Thoughts #7


What is success to you? Is it the feeling of accomplishment? Is it when you have completed your goals? Is it the feeling of being content in your life? When I was a young girl I use to ask myself this question often. What was success? Why are we, as human beings so driven for … More Success