How To Fall In Love With Yourself

Daily Thoughts

I recently watched a documentary that talked about how advertising can make us feel a level of dissatisfaction in our lives. It essentially tells us that we aren’t good enough, by telling us that there is always something we should buy to fix a fault. It simply isn’t true. It aims to persuade us that there is a constant lack within our lives, where we need to fill the gaps with materials in order to feel satisfaction through a certain lifestyle, image and status. However, long-term contentment in life is not dictated by our job title, how much we earn or the clothes we wear. It is from how we feel and the meaning we create in our lives, not from how we appear from the outside.

Self-love allows our beautiful self to flourish. If we are to love those around us, we must love ourselves first. The feelings of fear can often arise from a lack of being fully present, and filling the gaps with fears of the future and worries of the past. Positivity truly brings out the best in you. When you have experienced going into the depths of trapping oneself inside a cage, you realise that it is only you who can unlock yourself out of it. You realise that the key has always been within you, but it was a matter of truly setting yourself free, because you love yourself. You know that you deserve to embrace and experience life and you cherish the relationships within your life.

Do more of what you love. It makes sense to do more of what makes your heart feel happy. If you like walking, writing, singing, reading or traveling, then why not do it as much as you can? Surround your life with your favourite things and people. Something I love to do, is to read at the park, go for a long walk in nature or go to the movies alone.

Be kind and gentle to yourself. Speak to yourself gently and treat yourself with respect. The world that we create within ourselves, will reflect in the world we live with others. If we are always judging ourselves and have low self esteem, we’re more likely to judge others. If we are always loving and kind to ourselves, we’re more likely to be kind to others.

Think and speak uplifting words. Think words of gratitude and compliment yourself. Recognise your qualities, and say them to yourself, whether it’s “I’m kind hearted, considerate, understanding, hardworking and thoughtful.” Focus on your strengths and allow it to motivate you.

Tell yourself you’re beautiful. I used to think it’s vain for someone to say to themselves “I’m beautiful,” but it’s something we should all tell ourselves every day. You have a beautiful heart, mind, body and personality. When I tell myself this, it makes me feel confident and it makes me accept myself for who I am.

Be true to yourself. When we aren’t being our true selves, there is a level of discomfort. It makes me think of when I tried to be loud or laugh at things I didn’t really feel was funny, it would make me feel uncomfortable. Embrace your sense of humour, be honest with yourself and embrace your own personality.

Forgive yourself for mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and we’ve all been hurt or hurt someone else. We’ve all made mistakes somewhere at sometime, but it’s important to forgive yourself, let it go and most importantly, learn from it and allow it to let you grow. If you keep holding on to bad memories, it only hurts you in the end.

Listen to your heart. A lot of unhappiness I’ve felt often happened when I forced myself to stay in a situation that I wasn’t feeling good in. However, the gift of life is that we are able to choose, and we can create changes in our lives by taking the first step. Do what feels right, and listen to your heart. Strive to feel a sense of light, feed positivity and you will attract the right path.

We have so much love to give, and the more that we give, the more we receive. Life is mirroring back to you what you are holding inside you. Take a moment to think about all that nature gives to you every single day so that you can live. And yet nature never asks for anything in return. That is true giving. “A feeling that greater possessions, no matter what kind they may be, will of themselves bring contentment or happiness, is a misunderstanding. No person, place, or thing can give you happiness. They may give you a cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment, but the Joy of Living comes from within.” – Genevieve Behrend (1881-1960).