The Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers

Doing something everyday that gets you out of your comfort zone is incredibly beneficial in the long term. When we look at certain things, it’s very often our perspective on the situation that can affect how we feel about it. The more we tend to chase happiness or try to feel good when we don’t, the more we don’t really feel satisfied. However, in periods where we accept we’re feeling a certain way, we give space for ourselves to feel and allow ourselves to grow from it. If your life lacked any stress, failure, challenges and conflicts, then are you truly living? When I first attempted taking a cold shower, it was late at night, and it felt like a prickling painful experience as I tip toed into the shower. The best time was definitely after going for a run, and the first few seconds are tough, but after that it’s quite enjoyable!

Make friends with discomfort, as it allows you to face different situations and learn how to react and deal with it if it occurs again. I really wanted to challenge myself, and during the past few months have started meditating, reading more books, running more regularly and throwing myself in certain situations even if it means facing your fears. Many goals end up becoming daily habits when we implement them into our routine. They become second nature. When you accomplish those moments, such as taking the cold shower, you feel proud of yourself and you feel a sense of confidence in approaching the day with what’s to come. Although, I’d suggest not having a cold shower if you’re already sick or have heart problems.

Some of the benefits of taking a cold shower include saving water and energy. When we have a hot shower, we tend to spend a longer time showering. However, cold showers tend to be a lot quicker. You will feel much more alert and fresh after taking a cold shower, and it enables you to build your level of tolerance. Cold showers can also increase your metabolism rate, and helps relax your muscles after exercising. It can lift your mood and build your willpower. This is one aspect I really feel when I take cold showers. My mood feels much more uplifted and energized, and it helps build your mental strength. On the other hand, it also makes my muscles feel more relaxed and calm. Taking cold showers can train your nervous system to be more resilient to stress.

Art by Yuliya

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