Philippines Travel Diary: Boracay Island & Manila

48360824_582096005573804_2300571722836869120_nThe Philippines was such an amazing trip. When I was leaving Taiwan, it was around 20 degrees, and landing in Manila, it was around 30 degrees. The sky was a beautiful blue, and as we head back to my friend’s place, there were so many Christmas decorations everywhere. You could really feel the festive feeling of the season. It’s been quite non-stop over the last two weeks, but it’s been so wonderful trying new things and seeing new places. The heat reminded me of when I was in Singapore, where it can get to very high temperatures, but it’s different to the kind of heat we have in New Zealand.

When we traveled to Boracay, we went to the domestic airport to get to the island. We took one of the boats there, and as the island had so many tourists, so many people thought we were Chinese. It was interesting, as in Jiufen, it’s also a huge tourist area, but many people thought we were Japanese there. It was my first time not sleeping at all, but somehow we still had energy. I love how friendly people are, and I remember getting off the plane, and a girl giving me the warmest smile.

I must have had seven Mango shakes in the Philippines, I just loved them so much. Thinking back, I feel like I should have tried the Green Mango as well. The sunset was truly so breathtaking. The day before I left, we went into the central city, and it was my first time being in the most intense traffic ever. We went to the market area, and it was incredibly crowded with lots of different stalls. In most places I went, I didn’t bring a bag. It was my first time seeing security at shopping malls, as they had guards standing there to check your bags etc.

The cheesiest pizza was so worth it. But it also made me not want to drink a melon shake anymore haha. We met so many people, and I felt like it was so easy to make new friends. The nightlife is so different but in the best way. Although, the beach was closed for a period of time, as it was quite a party beach. I think it only opened again this month. They closed it to avoid more litter, and to conserve the beautiful water and surroundings.

It’s great how close Taipei and Manila are, the flight was around 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn’t feel any culture shock at all, as there are some similarities. Most people speak English and Filipino. But, it was nice as my friend was able to translate for me. There were some people that spoke Filipino to me, which was an interesting experience.

My first time going in a Karaoke booth was so much fun, and we also went karaoking (auto correct says kayaking HAHA) again on the last night. We went to Timezone, and my friend caught two toys. We didn’t catch anything when she was in Taiwan, but maybe next time. The photo on my right was with the DJ who played, but my lungs were dying cos there was so much smoke.

We didn’t take many photos of all the things we did, as we were just enjoying being in the moment. It was such an amazing time, and I’ll definitely be back again sometime :)

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