Never Rely On Someone Else For Your Happiness

ce6122d86e0556ae9652fbc2cf924620We are our own company from the beginning to the end. Learning to accept ourselves and love ourselves wholly is something that can only come from within before it can be felt completely. In the test of time, it is our own selves that we can fully depend on. The one that we need to have complete trust for as we venture out in the open world. If we have too much emotional dependency on others, it can drain our spirit. We lose that sense of control which only we can change. Happiness is a decision. Happy things do not always come flying into our lives, and therefore it is a choice to wake up happy or sad no matter what the situation is. Loving yourself is to treat your being with purpose. It’s to do the simple things that are best for you. Eat healthy, take a walk or read a book.

In modern society, we tend to have a lot of reliance on technology, people or things that give us instant gratification to feel happy. We all need someone, whether that’s a family member or partner to be there for us when we need help. There are moments that a phone call or meet up can relieve our worries. Nobody is completely independent. However, letting go of emotional dependency can make one stronger in different situations. It can provide a sense of security and self-confidence. When we have a bad day, why is it that sometimes we will wind ourselves further down? The little voice on our shoulder may tell us everything is wrong when really it takes just a gentle voice to tell us that everything is going to be okay. Our true purpose in life starts with ourselves – which is why we were fatefully created onto this Earth. No one can truly experience happiness if it can’t be felt when we are completely alone.

The unconditional love from my parents will always be one of the strongest forms of happiness. It’s also a kind reminder that we all grow up to the day where decisions, situations, and actions must be taken at our own accord. If you’re ever having a down day, fill your ears with music that comforts your soul, cook a delicious meal or go out for a run. Whatever it is that uplifts you and makes you feel a little bit more alive. If we only chase for fast happiness, the way we consume fast food or fast fashion, then we are seeking a feeling that does not provide long-term happiness. No matter what we wear, what we buy, who our friends are or what we do, the happiness we feel in our life can only begin when we have gratitude and love ourselves completely.

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