Kento Store And Exciting Giveaway! (NZ Only)

BeFunky CollageThe earrings pictured below are a pair of lovely deep red Anthuriums handmade by Kaia. They are a custom design, and are so beautiful. Kaia is the creative soul behind Kento Store, and she creates earrings with pops of colours and different prints. In the Story section: KENTO was created for earring enthusiasts, colour collectors, and people who are passionate about print. With the aim of being more than a just brand, KENTO is also a place to share ideas with other creative minded people and contribute to the creative community. This is achieved through transparency and a DIY approach to everything that is made for KENTO. What this means is that although of course I want people to buy my products, I also want to encourage and empower people to create their own fabulous earrings or experiment with water colour painting!

I love these earrings, they are one of a kind and really express my personality. I’m not someone who wears a lot of jewelry, and the only kind I wear everyday are earrings. Kento is based in Wellington, and my order came very smooth and quickly. In her bio she says “Art calms me, yet it is also exciting! And I am so excited to share what I create with you and do something that I love as a job.” I love this. There is something about Art that really does calm us down, helps us express ourselves, brings people together and provides a creative outlet. Kento is having a giveaway, so check out the Instagram page to enter and to keep up to date with new earrings. Giveaway ends July 28th. Shop

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