Discover These Fashion Magazines From Taiwan

ou-yang-nana-for-vogue-taiwan-january-2018-1Vogue Taiwan


Vogue is known as the ‘Fashion Bible’ in the fashion industry.  Since the first VOGUE was published in the United States in 1892, it has a long history and is widely read internationally. Featuring the latest news on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, celebrity, entertainment, culture and style.

Marie Claire Taiwan


Marie Claire Taiwan features in-depth coverage of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Taiwan and internationally. The magazine was originally founded in Paris in 1954. Today, it is one of the most popular magazine in the world, spanning 27 countries on five continents, and issuing 4 million copies.

Harpers Bazaar Taiwan


Harper’s BAZAAR was one of the first fashion publications, founded in 1867 in the United States. It features countless great artists and fashion designers. BAZAAR International’s Chinese version was created by a Taiwanese team who photographed well-known actors and supermodels, allowing Taiwan to reach out to the fashion world.

ELLE Taiwan


ELLE magazine is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, which has 46 versions internationally, with a total circulation of 6.56 million copies. It is for the sexy, spirited and stylish women, who is looking for the latest shopping guides, beauty and health tips, fashion trends and more.

Cosmopolitan Taiwan


Cosmopolitan magazine is an international women’s fashion magazine. A source for the latest sex tips, celebrity news, dating and relationship help, health and wellness, beauty tutorials, fashion trends, and more.

InStyle Taiwan

The Chinese version of InStyle started in June 2016, with topics on fashion and beauty. It includes in-depth articles on fashion, beauty, celebrity topics and lifestyle. InStyle keeps you informed in the latest fashion event, celebrities, high end jewelry and more.

GQ Taiwan

GQ Magazine is a Men’s fashion lifestyle magazine. It provides information on men’s clothes, women and the latest gadgets and entertainment. Since 1996, GQ International has always been a representative of high quality lifestyle in the eyes of readers.

Milk Magazine

Milk Magazine is a fashion, beauty and art culture magazine. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2001. In 2006, the “MILK X” modern women’s monthly magazine was extended to present fashion in a more refined and fashionable way. There are different editions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Bella Taiwan


Bella Magazine is one of the first women’s magazine in Taiwan. Since its inception in 1984, it has grown significantly in Taiwan for 30 years. In addition to print magazines, it also features online, e-magazines, mobile apps, and books to make sure its accessible and available everywhere. Bella is affiliated with the International Media Group.

Men’s Uno Taiwan


men’s uno Magazine was established 1997. They now have 4 Editions including, men’s uno Taiwan, men’s uno HongKong, men’s uno China and men’s uno Malaysia. Keeping up to date with the latest fashion, celebrity and lifestyle news.

Taiwan Tatler

Dedicated to style, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Taiwan Tatler is a part of Edipresse Media Group, and are a world-class lifestyle media brand tailored for lovers of style and elegance. Featuring content on people, events, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, jewelry, travel, home and more.

Esquire Taiwan

A men’s magazine for elegant and confident men, including style, fashion, culture, lifestyle and celebrity. Esquire is a magazine from New York, founded in 1993. It currently has 25 versions. The contents of the magazine are all-inclusive, grasp the international situation, and the latest fashion and social issues.

Zine Magazine

ZINE magazine is an online and biannually printed magazine devoted to the products that make contemporary urban life exciting. It explore the worlds of art and fashion to challenge cultural trend, focusing on the ever-changing world of fashion, contemporary art and beauty.

Nana Ouyang for Vogue Taiwan January 2018

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