Life Is About The Journey Not The Destination

4ed999f9cbfebe6bad828250499a2c96It’s 11pm, and I’m normally an early sleeper, but I am currently writing this in my diary (which I thought I would now post on my blog). The words “It’s about the journey, not the destination” rings so much truth. I think of when I used to perform, the hours of practice that one does before the performance, which could just be several minutes. However, this is such a clear example of it being about the journey. It also makes me think about how happiness is a journey not a destination. There isn’t this one day where we will feel happy and completely satisfied in our lives, this is an ongoing journey in which we choose to live a life with content. There isn’t that one day where we feel that everything is perfect.

At university, one of my teachers said that, too often, students focus too much on the end goal of getting an A+. However, it’s truly the process of learning that’s important. Of course, if we invest our time in truly grasping what we’ve learned, and in studying about it, it can only benefit ourselves. Sometimes, there’s too much thought on getting the best mark, but not always striving to really absorb the information. It’s a good mindset to have, in realising that it’s about truly learning and practicing. Exams are designed in a way that we’re meant to memorise all this information. However, it’s not about the exam, it’s about the time before where you process that information.

When we think too much about the destination, we may think too much into the future. Living in the present, is all we can have control of. When we truly grasp this truth, we can live in the moment and make the most of this very moment. The journey is what makes life worth living, and I really believe that because time is all we have. In nature and art, it’s all about the journey. The time an animal hatches out of an egg, the seed that’s planted in the soil and the artwork that started as a sketch. Of course, when you arrive at a literal destination, it can be wonderful. However, when we say life is a journey, we’re talking about the constant motion of life. There is so much beauty in the journey.

Art by Jimmy Liao

6 thoughts on “Life Is About The Journey Not The Destination

    1. thank you for your comment, a beautiful book is ‘the power of now’ by eckhart tolle, it’s one of those books I read at least once a year, such a strong message!

  1. Thats so true! Exams or life in general is about how you spend it and for a while, I’ve seen everybody else and I waste our lives away when there’s so much to do! Life really is a journey that we’ve got to enjoy and love.

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