It’s All About Your Heart Not Your Scars

551ff830cc8c2b3fdcbb34f7c794bba3A beautiful soul was telling me about how true leaders are those who use their heart, their head and their gut. The most important one is the heart. She shared with me how she has spent so many years in the business industry, an industry dominated by men, and there is a sense of restriction of being able to express emotions. I feel that in this world, there is a fear in being vulnerable, open and expressing one’s true feelings. There is a fear in opening our hearts. The media and advertising industry plays on our fears, telling us that we’re not fulfilled, and that there is always something missing in our lives.

There is a deeper importance in understanding how to be content with yourself. Starting from within, and being more kinder, loving and caring towards yourself. We live in a society where it’s easy to quickly judge someone by the way they look, talk, walk and on the surface of a glass window. This is when I remind myself that there is so much more, because inside every window is an ocean of colourful and beautiful parts of a person. I believe that everyone is born to be kind and loving, and that is our true nature. The worries, stress, anger and violence are never from the heart.

When I listen to the song below, the words reminds me how we should acknowledge and accept our scars, but our true selves are found in the heart. It reminds me that nobody is perfect, and that’s why we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others, when no one is better than the other. This is why living in the present is something we should cherish and be grateful for, because living in the past keeps us from missing the beauty of this very moment. We all make mistakes, we all go through periods where life may sink downwards and that’s okay. It’s good to accept it, and set it free by focusing on how you can live your life now.

Being able to live with contentment is to be honest with yourself in how you feel, not judge yourself or those around you, love yourself and those around you, don’t seek approval from others or rely your happiness on others, be grateful and feel a sense of comfort in your own company. The words Its all about your heart is powerful. We’re taught to treat others with respect and be kind, but we are not often told to love ourselves. Loving yourself is one of the most important part of making this world a better place. How wonderful if we truly love ourselves, then we can open our hearts in treating others how we treat ourselves.

Art by Jimmy Liao

4 thoughts on “It’s All About Your Heart Not Your Scars

  1. I love that song by Mindy Gledhill! I remember first hearing it a few years ago and it instantly resonated with me. All of us have feelings and emotions, and sometimes the best way to move forward is to be intuitive and feel with the heart. Not saying that we shouldn’t use rationality and practicality – they are required in important life-changing situations. But for every day, when we approach others I feel it’s best to approach with kindness as that can help us understand others.

    1. Oh I’m so glad! It’s a lovely sweet song. Of course, I always think of the words from The Little Prince “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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