My Skincare Journey From Acne To Clear Skin

sun-jun20When someone complimented me on my skin this week, I couldn’t stop smiling. To me, it’s like telling someone they have lovely eyes. It’s just a part of you, whereas being complimented on makeup is a different matter since it’s temporary. It’s also because I went through so many ups and downs with my skin throughout my teens and early 20’s. I’ve had long periods where my acne wanted to stay, and periods where they’ve come and go. The skin is the largest organ, and it’s important to take good care of it from the inside out. The emotional, mental and physical state we’re in all affects the skin.

Remembering your sun protection and not staying in the sun for long periods of time can do wonders for the skin. The food we feed our body, the amount of water we drink, the less sugary and processed foods we eat and the more we adopt a positive mindset, the more it will reflect on our skin. These photos show an 8 month period from 2017 to now of my skin progress to show the improvements. There is nothing wrong with acne, and I still get it when my period comes. However, these are tips that helped clear my acne. One of the top tips was when I stopped stressing and worrying.

When stress overtakes us, it affects our body, mind and soul. This was definitely one of the top reasons that caused me to breakout. Last year was my skin at its worst, and this year I’m so grateful for it being at its best. Once I started thinking more positively, being kinder to myself, living in the moment and feeling more happy and content, it reflected on my skin. Some other advice includes: drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, using suitable skincare products, wearing sunscreen, staying away from the sun, wearing face masks and having a good sleep.

26552642_10214756037879529_1238292520_nWhen I was going through a period of time where I wasn’t feeling the best. I wasn’t living my best lifestyle. After surrounding myself with positive people, drinking more water, exercising daily and feeling motivated, my skin started to reflect that. The lifestyle we live really has an impact on our well being and how we feel in our daily life. What are your go-to skincare tips and what skincare products do you like to use?

Photography by Sun Jun

17 thoughts on “My Skincare Journey From Acne To Clear Skin

  1. I had acne from the age of 12 all the way through in varying degrees to my forties. Hideous. I have always had my hand in front of my face and have gotten so self conscious about it, that it’s given me considerable issues throughout my life. Eventually, I decided that enough was enough and threw money at it. I found the best dermatologist in London and went to him. I’d been on roaccutane (isotretinoin / Retin A) before but with so many side effects didn’t persevere. This time however was different. He started me very slowly on it, we reached a maximum dose and then very, very slowly started dropping the dosage over a period of about six months. The entire process took roughly 12 months. I am now actually happy with my skin for the first time in my life. I get the occasional spot which is usually due to having eaten something that doesn’t agree with me or hormones etc, but it’s all completely manageable. When I think of the huge lumps on top of boils that I used to get …. honestly. They were behind my ears particularly badly and I just used to get all sorts of problems associated with it. I have a few scars left which is a shame but I guess as I get older and my skin becomes less taut and they therefore show more, maybe I’ll get something done about them. But for now, I’m just happy in my own skin and wished that I’d spent the money on what is probably the most important thing …. not a phone or new tv, but me. X

  2. So lovely to hear that your skin is clearing up! I haven’t had acne but I have had a lot of pimples and breakouts growing up. A lot of it was due to being hormonal, and stressing less and eating a healthy diet helped. I also find not using facial scrubs and staying away from toners helped me. Toning down to a dermatologist recommended cleanser in the morning and night really is all there is to my skincare routine, and also a moisturiser that suits my skin has helped it look better over the last couple of years :)

    1. Thank you so much Mabel :) I really think less is more, and as you said a great cleanser and moisturiser that suits your skin type can really help it improve.

  3. I’m so happy for you! I used to have a lot of acne during puberty and honestly, it was really hard to not let it affect my self esteem and confidence. When I got off the pill in 2016, I had acne all over my jaw. It’s a lot better now thanks to a clean diet, plenty of water and exercise as well as mild and fragrant free facial products!

  4. Thank you so much :) the food we eat, drinking lots of water and exercise definitely makes a huge difference! I’ve found that too, when I use products that are for sensitive skin and use natural ingredients, they tend to agree with my skin better.

  5. This post gives me so much hope. I’m going through a bad patch with my acne right now and sometimes it brings me down, but reading things like this really does help. I have a question: did you do any kind of treatment like pills or creams ?

  6. Thank you so much for your comment! I didn’t use any pills, but I did use some products that worked well for my skin. I also like to use hydrating face masks. I watched a lot of skincare videos in the past, but each one seemed to talk about the different products that worked for them, and it made me realise it will be different for everyone. I’ve used some products that caused me to break out or caused redness, but I found natural products that are suitable for sensitive skin worked well for my acne, as well as drinking enough water, exercising, sleeping well and having a healthy diet. Hope that helps!

  7. I’m 33 and still struggling, I do all those things you mentioned, and I wanted to try taking vitamins as well. I am also on clyndamycin, retin A and benzoyl peroxide. I break out mostly on my chin, and it’s been all month for me this month and I’m not sure why. Your skin looks great and I’m happy it cleared up for you.

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