The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

4a40d65fd35926a80eb512e62a1cdc63In any city, driving safely and responsibly should always, always be an obvious requirement. I wanted to focus this article specifically on Taipei, because recently a very close person near and dear to my heart was nearly killed by a driver in Taipei after being hit. It is a huge, often overlooked and ignored aspect of Taiwan. The driving standards must be higher, and there needs to be rules set in place that must be followed. A simple example is how you don’t have the right to walk in zebra crossing, as cars are rushing past and will hit you if you are not careful. Every time I come back to New Zealand, I’m always surprised how the cars wait for you and that is how it ought to be.

I truly hope that in writing this it could even reach one driver in Taiwan, and if they are not driving as safely as they could to reconsider being a safe and courteous driver. There are a lot if impatient and reckless people who are often in a rush, but won’t consider the safety of those around them. This is causing danger to the lives not only to themselves, but of those around them. Taiwan is known for having some of the kindest and friendliest people, yet the one thing that is commonly detested by foreigners is the driving. It is something that greatly needs improvement in order to ensure the safety of drivers, as well as pedestrians.

It is common for car crashes to occur, as I recall a scooter that was merging between cars being hit by a car and flying out of her scooter. A paragraph from the article below says: “Driving in Taiwan can actually be very difficult, and in some cases dangerous… Many of the residents tend to disobey the traffic laws entirely in many areas…When you are on the roads, you should pay careful attention to the scooters. There are a large number of them, and they will often weave between cars while driving, and this has the potential to cause an accident.” It is not uncommon to see vehicles parked where they perhaps shouldn’t, and scooters driving on the pedestrian path.

As a pedestrian or cyclist, always be aware of your surroundings and of any vehicles as more often than not, they can be unpredictable. Not all drivers are reckless drivers, but it is important to be cautious in traffic. It’s common for some drivers to not wear seat belts or talk on the phone while driving. A life is so precious and valuable, and we must all be responsible for our actions. We must all strive to be good drivers and there are rules that should be followed, and hopefully it will improve in Taiwan. Taiwan is incredibly convenient when it comes to transport, and it’s easy to get around. I hope that us friendly Taiwanese people can also reflect that warm and considerate energy into one’s driving, and make it a pleasant environment for everyone.

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Art by Lieke van der Vorst

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