How To Embrace Minimalism In Your Closet

b725cc5f9ecd6ab6cde82a46072dd8a5.jpgThe truth is I used to have many pieces of clothing that I never got around to wearing very often. I would buy a lot of clothes during the year, only to end up giving them away by the end of it. It makes me think back to how much I could of saved if I didn’t make the purchase, and if I spent more time to spend wisely on clothing that I knew I would wear for a long time. I recently had a conversation with my friend and we talked about how it feels far better to purchase items that reflects our personal style and having clothes in ones closet that you’d wear again and again. It creates a sense of value and appreciation for what you have, and also it gives it purpose in knowing that you will use it.

It’s good to have one or two pairs of your favourite shoes, because they are the ones you’ll wear everyday. For example, I have two pairs of loafers in two different colours. Although, I would probably say I wear my trainers and brogues more often, but it’s nice to have slip on shoes that you can easily wear out. The basics for shoes for myself are: ballet flats, trainers, loafer, brogue, heels and boots. Perhaps you might like sandals or slides. When you know what kinds of shoes you wear the most, then you can find a pair that you feel matches most or a lot of your outfits. I find black or brown shoes tend to go with almost everything.

If there is a certain kind of clothing you wear a lot, I think it is fine to have more than one of them. For example, I have two black knitwears, three black singlets, several black long sleeve tops in different styles and two black t-shirts. They tend to be the basics, and it’s good to have back up in case one is in the wash. I recently came by this wonderful blog on minimalism this year called A Small Wardrobe which is an amazing blog for anyone who wants to live a minimalist lifestyle or simply want to minimise their wardrobe. I find when we’re conscious of what we really like and use, we embrace more of our style and we’re also more aware of who we are.

Minimalism in the closet also makes me think of simplicity, calm and the lack of chaos. I just imagine the scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic, when her wardrobe is bursting to open from all the clothes that are inside. When you embrace minimalism, it means that your clothing can be well arranged, folded and hanged into the closet without stress. You can find what you need more quickly. I find one of the things that take time is waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear, but when you know you’ll definitely wear what you have, then it’s less of a struggle. It’s great to know what kind of clothing you always wear, such as denim jeans, t-shirts or an over sized coat.

It’s important to note that minimalism doesn’t mean that you’re wardrobe consists of black, grey and white clothes (unless you’re like me, and prefer those shades), and it also doesn’t mean that you only wear clothing that is minimally designed. You could wear bright clothing, colourful boots and frill floral dresses. It simply means that you have more space for things that are important to you and that there is less clutter built in your wardrobe. It means that the clothing you do own, are ones that you know will be worn time after time. Our style can change over time, but minimalism means that we can be creative and mix and match. How do you embrace minimalism in your closet?

Art by Renée Gouin

4 thoughts on “How To Embrace Minimalism In Your Closet

  1. So agree with you on minimalism and clothes. The less clothes you have, the more certain you are about the pieces that actually fit you and the ones you know you will wear. Over the last year I have accumulated quite a few clothes and I think it’s time for a change – my closet is overfilling and a lot of pieces I have not worn in a long while. I have started decluttering and hopefully more to go, less to keep. I find that at most I need a three or four work tops, and maybe three pairs of pants. As for casual and non-work days, about three jeans, couple of shorts and five tops I usually go for.

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