A Collection Of Thoughts Unrelated To Cats

76759c83686eacd026d93d0dc898d407It’s that time of the year. I was looking back at the post from three years ago, and now it’s also the last week of the semester. Although, I didn’t eat a chocolate filled bun, I did eat something surprisingly savory with olive and oregano which is slightly nicer for my acne. To think back in 2014, I thought it was my last time stepping in university, but here I am again. It makes me smile in a little bit of a dreamy way, because it shows how unpredictable life can be sometimes. I’m a huge planner, yet even when things have gone to plan, there are a few surprises a long the way to keep life just a little bit more interesting.

Reading the post also made me try to feel patient until my braces are off and I can play my dear flute again. It also seems not much has changed since three years ago in terms of me not baring my legs very often, not just because I don’t shave them often, but also because the weather can change very quickly. I played on a piano this year after what seems too long since I played the piano, but it just made me feel so happy. There’s something about playing music that can’t compare with other things, although baking makes me happy too, because who doesn’t like rolling their hands in doughy goodness?

When I think about our transition from our teenage years to early adulthood, I like to think I am still a child inside, even though I am a old soul deep down. Sometimes we really need our inner child everyday to remind us of the things that truly matter in life. The adult side can slide in for the important adulty things like paying the rent, doing the groceries, things related to numbers, how to interact in the working world and what not. Which seems to always make me think of The Little Prince, and how much it makes me not want to become an adult.

A thought I’ve also had quite regularly recently is to do with body image. I’ve talked about it before, but in my teens I had an unhealthy habit of recording every single thing I ate each day. I’d write down even the tiniest snack of a handful of almonds to a few pieces of crackers. I used to weigh myself to make sure I’d never go over 46kg. When I was still at home, I’d run every morning and after school. I’d stare into the mirror to make sure that I didn’t look like I gained weight. It seems ridiculous now, especially being at a healthy weight now, I feel much happier just eating what I want whenever I want to without having that constant concern.

Auckland has been feeling like a mixture of grey, gust of wind and Autumn weather in Springtime. It’s my last month in Parnell, and I feel slightly relieved even though I love this suburb and it’s one of my favourite places to be, but from where I lived this year it hasn’t felt so much like home. I love the quiet atmosphere, beautiful houses and cat-filled neighbourhood (oh dear, I knew they’d be one thought to do with cats). I don’t know about you, but I feel that this year has flown by at a blink of an eye. Time seems to be moving fastly compared to last year, because I feel much more active and motivated this year.

This month has been quite good in terms of aiming to eat mostly vegetarian. I’ve eaten a little bit of fish and chicken, but strangely enough, eating chicken was giving me a sore stomach at times, similar to how it would feel when I used to have beef. I’m thinking it might be because I am having a lot less meat now, and so when I do have some (even if it’s a little bit of chicken), my stomach may be a lot more sensitive towards it. The foods that have really helped in terms of having enough energy, include beans, spinach, lots of fruits and nuts.

Thoughts on dealing with exam stress is to aim to eat healthy, sleep well and keep a good routine. Have positive self talk and motivate with yourself, and don’t force anything that will make you feel stressed. Study when you feel like your mind can absorb what you’re actually studying. I’ve been aiming to read and write Chinese everyday, just to expand my vocabulary. I must say my Chinese writing slightly resembles a 5 year old’s writing, but at least it shows the inner child. Thoughts on skincare and acne, are that stress and diet really affects my skin and it’s important to find the products that work for you.

This year I’ve received quite a few emails about blogging. The most common question I get asked is how to come up with things to write, and how regularly I post. When I started my blog, it was more like an online diary for myself, and then over time there were more people that started reading it. I write quite spontaneously because I’m quite a deep thinker, and if there’s something that’s been on my mind, I might write it down and post or schedule it. I think that if you want to start blogging, an important advice is to stay true to yourself and just write what makes you happy.

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