Daily Skincare Tips On Clearing Acne

a3c92cf272b021af9e462ed90fdd51c2There are several causes of acne including stress, certain foods, not getting enough sleep, hormones, using the wrong products, smoking, touching your face, long sun exposure and more. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of videos on how to cure acne this year, and there seems to be a common pattern. Each person explains the products that worked the best for their skin. I’ve been through quite a lot of products and some have worked better than others, and some have caused the acne to stay or even worsen. Skincare is different for everyone, because we have different skin types and daily habits.

The best things you can do for your skin are: drink enough water, eat a healthy diet, exercise, wear sunscreen, sleep well and have good hygiene. Find the products that work for your skin type, whether you have sensitive, oily, combination or dry skin. Some tips I’ve found that have helped improve my acne include not popping your pimples, drinking a lot of water, finding a skincare routine that works for you, washing your face with cool water, eating a healthy diet and feeling positive. Stress, eating sugary foods and lack of sleep can increase breakouts.

If your hair is on the oily side it’s important to wash it every day, because oil and dirt can clog the pores and increase the chance of getting acne. When we’re sleeping our face touches our hair, as well as during the day. Having good skin can boost your confidence and it can reflect your health and well being. My current morning routine is to wash my face with a cleanser, then pat dry my face, use a toner, wait for it to soak in, apply Cleocin T on my blemishes, put eye cream under my eyes, put a little bit of pore perfecting serum and then finish with a sebum-normalising cream with SPF 15.

Wear sunscreen everyday, but avoid covering the skin with too much makeup. Eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables everyday, and avoid having junk food too often. One of the top reasons I find that cause my acne is stress and diet. When I’m feeling more relaxed, my skin settles down and once I start feeling stressed and not sleeping well, I’ll break out. I’m also a terrible sweet tooth, and sugary foods can trigger acne. Once you figure out what may be causing your acne, it can be good to make those changes and also trial and error to find what products work best for you.

What are some of your skincare tips for clear skin?Β 

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