My Relationship With A Bowl Of Oats

53516f8ced6c079c14eeb6c4c031368bThis is just a monthly collection of my daily thoughts, rambles and a lot of ideas I wanted to write a blog post each for, but thought I’d just do it here. During the last week of August, it was raining heavily that morning as I walked to university. There were lots of worms on the footpath and a small waterfall of water flowing down the stairs at the park. The little hole in my shoes then quickly soaked up the rain. In true Auckland weather style, the day then turned into a beautiful blue sky kind of day.

My Relationship With A Bowl Of Oats. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I can’t remember since when I’ve always had oats. I think it really started in my first year of uni back in 2013, or maybe when I was still at home. It’s one of those comfort foods like banana and peanut butter on toast.

Learning To Love My Body More. I don’t talk about this too much because I’m often told that I’m on the slim side, and if I talk about it too much I feel like it might get quite personal. However, once you start eating healthy, it makes you feel a lot better mentally and physically.

People Who Are Always Late. Takes a deep breath. I think it’s okay to be 5-10 minutes late, but if you’re half an hour late on a regular basis, that’s where I can’t. The longest I’ve waited was one hour at a cafe, and the waitress thought I was stood up. This is one of my pet peeves because I’m quite a punctual person (most of the time).

Pet Peeves That Make You Want To Be An Armadillo. There are certain things like when people talk really loud when it’s in a quiet space, people who don’t recycle, throwing rubbish on the ground, putting other people down that make me want to curl up like an Armadillo and roll down a hill.

Using Your Phone 101. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use their phones or check it constantly when I’m with them. I feel that when you’re socialising and spending quality time with someone, it’s okay to use it sometimes, but then put it away to show you’re listening. Having a phone means that you aren’t presently there with the other person.

Stop Caring What Other People Think. When we stop giving a fudge about what other people think (unless it’s constructive or helpful of course), we release ourselves from this huge chain. If we care too much what other’s think, we become less ourselves. Life’s too precious.

Flatmate Life And Experiences. The truth is if I could live alone with 3 cats, I would, but the flatting life is expensive. I’ve had good and bad flatting experiences in the last 5 years, but they all teach you different things and also teach you how to interact with different people.

This Is Why Glasses Are Sexy. Not sure where I’m going with this one, but Glasses are sometimes seen as nerdy and unattractive. I think they can really give character to a person, they’re stylish and plus in the end, they help us see.

Why Being Alone Is Cool. Going to the movies, sitting at the library, walking in the park. I think it’s good to spend time alone in your own space. I’d rather spend quality time with someone then constantly be surrounded by people and feel nothing.

Black Cats Are Good Luck. I’ve been seeing a lot of black cats in the neighbourhood and around lately. They seem to just pop their heads by, are sitting outside their home or walking by.

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