Why Skincare Is More Important Than Makeup

b2568835122c1b8578db9b6fdde350ebWhen I was a teenager, it was normal to have acne on your face, and at the time I had an average amount of acne and blemishes in my T-zone. If I am wearing makeup, it is mostly mascara and eye shadow. I don’t own a foundation, because if you wear too many products on your skin, it stops it from being able to breathe. It’s important to wear sunscreen everyday! Sunscreen is your best friend, and is the one product we all need to wear before leaving the house. Your skin contributes to your overall health and well being. Not only does good skin give you confidence, but it reflects your lifestyle, your environment and your inner body.

After a stressful time the last few months, my face has broken out in acne more than I’ve ever experienced. Good skin is like putting on a clean shirt straight from the dryer when it’s still warm and toasty. Try to not stay in the sun too long because the sun can really age the skin. Drink enough water during the day to stay hydrated and remember to eat fruits and vegetables every day. From past experience, I’m not someone who likes to go to the gym, but I find going for long walks, sometimes 2-3 hours really reduces stress. Find a form of exercise that suits you. It’s also important to note that Acne can affect anyone at any age, but there are different ways in reducing acne that will suit each of us.

If you’re a sweet tooth like me, try to gradually reduce the amount of sweet things you eat in a day. I know this is a difficult one for me, because I absolutely love pastries and anything chocolate. I think it’s definitely okay to eat it, but not everyday. Your teeth will thank you for it as well. If you have had acne for several months, and it feels like it’s not going away, an area to look at is the products you’re using. I used to use a product that heavily dried out my skin and caused patches of red, and then there were other products that didn’t reduce the pimples, but seemed to invite a new one each day.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using products that have alcohol or ingredients that are very strong. I like using organic products, and the organic products I’ve used for my back, has managed to clear all my bacne! However, once the bacne said goodbye, they all said hello on my face. Less is more when it comes to your skin. I really believe that your skin, a long with your beautiful smile, is literally the best makeup you can wear. There’s no amount of makeup that can cover your face that can compare with your natural beauty. It’s just a matter of taking good care of yourself. Our skin is always trying to tell us something, and in this case it was telling me that I was feeling stressed.

It’s important to know your skin type, because then you can use the right products. Some people who have dry skin may need to moisturise more regularly, and those with oily skin might need a certain kind of cleanser. The causes of acne range from hormones, stress, diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle to simple things like touching your face with your hands. Clear skin is like a beautiful smile on your face. A smile is the best makeup you can wear. Are you also struggling with acne? What products have you been using for it? I’d love to know. Here’s to the journey to better skin, and hopefully in the next few months things will be clearing out.

Photography by Vicki King

24 thoughts on “Why Skincare Is More Important Than Makeup

  1. I LOVE SKINCARE! I’ve had acne for so many years, and now that my skin is finally clear I’ve realized that I love treating myself and spend money and time on my skin. Every night I spend a good time just doing my skin care, some people hate having to wash their face two a day, I love it! hahaha

    To all the people with acne out there, I’m going to tell you my holy grail products that had helped my oily/ pro acne skin with hormonal/cystic break outs:
    -cetaphil in the morning, herbalism by lush at night
    -enzymion by lush (a moisturizer for oily skin)
    -mixed raddha rosehip oil with my moisturizer at night
    -glamglow supermud treatment (pricy, but it helped me so much)
    -olehenriksen transforming walnut scrub (pricy, but it’s magical)
    -the mario badescu thing for pimples

    1. Wow thank you for sharing this! Yes I think if anything, it’s okay to spend money on skincare products because they’re part of our daily routine. Rosehip oil is great, I remember using it in the past and it seemed to help settle my acne. I also had some tips I’ll just list here anyhow in case someone sees (and as a reminder haha)

      -Don’t use water that’s too warm/hot to wash your face (it’ll dry it out)
      -Always moisturise under the eye area where the skins sensitive and easy to stretch
      -Wash you pillow bedding every week and wipe your phone screen
      -Sleep well, eat well, relax and drink water

  2. I like both skincare and makeup. Usually the makeup I wear each day is concealer under my eyes, and that’s all. If I’ve got time, I might put on a light layer of foundation. I don’t have acne but I do get breakouts when I”m stressed, or my face flares up red when it’s too dry or having an allergic reaction to something (usually dust or something in the air). For my skincare routine, I cleanse my face in the morning and night, and moisturise in the morning – and I”m finding Antipodes’ moisturiser is working well for me though it costs quite a bit.

    1. I’ve heard such good things about Antipodes . Ah yes, stress seems to one of the top factors for break outs. It’s so important to find products that work for each of us!

  3. I love both skincare and makeup but if I could choose between the two it would definitely be skincare – yes you can cover everything up with makeup but for me, it’s more important to take care of what’s underneath. Makeup comes off, the rest doesn’t!

  4. People often forget about the health of their skin, and are more concerned with covering up blemishes! I’m very fair-skinned and burn really easily, but often forget to put sunscreen on unless I’m going to the beach or pool. This is a wonderful post with great advice, thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for your comment. It’s true, and I find it’s okay to cover them up occasionally especially if you have an event, but in the long term it’d feel better to aim to clear it all up and then you can wear your natural skin!

  6. This is an amazing post and I completely agree about sunscreen! I had severe acne when I was a teenager and it stayed with me for a decade. Being a makeup-artist was super tough, because everyone expected me to have flawless skin. I tried every product from natural to really expensive and it was only a few years ago when I discovered that I had a dairy intolerance. I still have acne scars but it has improved and I now try to get my skincare routine very minimal and basic.

    1. Thank you so much and for sharing your experience! Oh yes, I can imagine it’s one of those things where people would expect you to have perfect skin. I’ve heard milk is quite a common factor for acne. Happy to hear that its improved :)

  7. Basically, I am using Avene for oily/mixed skin. I am using their whole range, however I feel that I touch my face way too many times and cause it too many breakouts. I should try some home-made masks more often.

  8. Loved this post! I’m a huge proponent of wearing minimal make-up, especially when it comes to foundation. I definitely think skincare should be a priority over make-up. Plus, foundation looks better over clear skin! Thanks for sharing :)

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