The Style Culture Of Auckland And Wellington

c23ff8f75b6ab1e0480dc3017071a016In writing this, I hope it can encourage all of us to embrace our personal style. Some of these thoughts are from observations and others are from readings and how I see the two cities in terms of the style culture in what we wear.  If you’re an Aucklander or Wellingtonian, please let me know your thoughts and views on what you think of the fashion in your city. It’s a winter’s day (minus the rain) going into Auckland uni today, and you’ll see most of the students wearing jumpers, jackets, coats, jeans and sneakers, because well, the weather is chilly and it’s practical to keep warm and comfortable.

My sister sent me a snap shot today from an article here, titled class of 2017 — wellington student style, straight up, which sparked my interest to jot some notes down before my Drama class. In a previous post on my Love Hate Relationship with Auckland, I wrote: People aren’t as afraid to express their individuality in Sydney or Wellington. There is definitely quirky, stylish and funky fashion. Whereas I find in Auckland, there definitely are very stylish people, but less in the sense that people in Auckland are more judgmental and more people tend to conform.iris.jpgAlthough, after writing that I do find that there are more people embracing their personal style, but I definitely find that Auckland tends to follow more trends, especially because we have fast fashion and luxury stores everywhere. This is why it’s great to go thrift shopping because then you can develop your personal style. I guess we’re a simple city in the sense that many of us wear clothes without too much thought or importance. What are your thoughts? When I visit Wellington, I appreciate their creative vibe and the freedom of wearing what you want without giving a fudge.

There are days when I walk into Auckland city and I feel like everyone looks the same. This is difficult to explain, and I feel slightly hypocritical because I wear a lot of black. I hope that Auckland will gradually have a more diverse range of personal styles and there won’t be as much of a culture of fitting in and conforming, but a style culture of variety. I was reading the class of 2017 — auckland student style, straight up here, and took a snapshot of Gala’s answer, cos it just made me smile. Weather requirements is real in this city and I agree with how it tends to be very laid-back chilled out in terms of just wearing whatever.gala3.jpg

Photo from TheyAllHateUs | Photography by Ch’lita Collins and Imogen Wilson | Art by Oscar Murillo; ‘Untitled’, 2015 | Irving Penn; ‘Still Life with Watermelon’, 1947 | Photos from @Mirador_

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