Celebrating Magical Zines At Auckland Zinefest

tree_people.pngIt’s strange to think that my sister and I made dozens of these zines when we were younger, without realising it. As I walked in the Auckland Art Gallery at the different stands, it felt like being at a market, with all these wonderful zines of stories and beautiful art surrounding everyone. I got a book by Nicola titled “Where are you from?” which immediately caught my eye, because it’s one of those top questions that some people get asked on a weekly basis. The first thing I saw was the lovely clouds that you can see in the photo below. They are so cute and soft looking. I was considering getting it, but then thought about how white never goes well in staying clean, and before you know it, it might turn into a sad grey cloud.

There was a wide variety of different zine stalls from insects, feminism, eclectic portraits, comics, crafts and earrings, stickers, badges, poetry, sexuality, gender, animals, boys in bands, accessories, fashion, self love and many more. Auckland Zinefest is a non-profit community festival that celebrates and promotes DIY and self publishing in Auckland city. It’s a wonderful creative event to discover the work of many different artists and creative cookies. The Zinefest is run by volunteers who have a passion for community arts projects and zines. Zines are a great way for creative expression and sharing your own stories and experiences.

When I saw the clay earrings made by Natalie, I asked her to save it for me while I went to get cash out. I have this strange thing for teeth, hence why I keep my braces teeth mold beside my bedside table. I am also quite a sweet tooth, so somehow they were telling me, I need to belong on your ear lobes. On the bottom left is just some of the mini zines my sister and I made from ten years ago. One of them (the colourful one) is her explanation of periods, which is quite interesting and helpful way of letting someone know that they’re not dying when they experience their period for the first time. However, my all time favourite would have to be Mushy’s Adventure by Tammy, which is the one that is slightly fading.

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