The Good And Bad To-Do List For You Skin

tumblr_mvx0isLEyM1rjat2yo1_1280-768x512Skincare is an important part of taking care of our body, the way we eat healthy foods, drink water and exercise. If you think back to your teenage days you might recall going through the stage of having acne. If your skin has quite a lot of blemishes, wearing makeup can slow down the process of improvement. It’s okay to wear it from time to time, but it’s good to have days where you allow your skin to breathe. Good skincare can make you feel more confident and embrace your natural beauty.

My number one tip is to emphasise how important sunscreen is, and the need to wear it everyday. After having a skin consultation today, I realised my skin is more on the oily side, which is helpful in knowing what products and what to do to help minimise acne. Makeup may be able to cover blemishes, but your skin will always be a part of you, especially when it’s the biggest organ of the human body! The environment, lifestyle, habits and food can affect our skin health.

Good to-do list for your skin

Wearing Sunscreen everyday. If there’s one item of skincare aside from cleansing and moisturising that is necessary, it is wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine.

Drink enough water. Drinking enough water affects our body and mind. It hydrates our body and our skin will thank us for it. Drinking enough water also gets rid of the toxins inside the body.

Get your beauty sleep. We need a good amount of sleep per night, as the skin needs to repair. That’s why they call it beauty sleep, because it allows our skin to keep healthy rather than become dry and dull.

Using products that are effective for your skin type. There are ingredients in products that can be more effective than others, as well as products that are suited to certain skin types. In the past, I used a cleanser that over-dried my skin and caused redness. If you have sensitive skin, use a gentle cleanser.

Minimising long sun exposure. UV rays can cause wrinkling and sun damage. It’s important to get a certain amount of sun everyday, but try not to stay under the sun for long periods of time.

Wash your pillow case regularly. The pillowcase can collect dead skin cells, bacteria and oil. Make sure to wash it once a week or every fortnight to avoid your skin collecting the germs.

Eat a healthy and clean diet. Making sure you eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables such as Tomatoes, is beneficial for the skin. It makes sense that the healthy food you eat, will reflect on your skin.

Cleanse and moisturise. One of the most basic steps in a good skincare routine is to cleanse and moisturise the skin every day and night. Our skin can pick up dirt, dust and smoke in our everyday surroundings, which is why cleansing is so important. Moisturising keeps the skin hydrated, especially during winter when the air is dryer.

Bad to-do list for your skin

Long-term stress. When we feel stressed we frown more, which can cause stress lines. Long-term stress can also cause the skin to break out as stress increases the amount of hormones, which can cause the skin to become oilier.

Smoking and drinking alcohol. Everything in moderation, but if one smokes or drinks too much, it can have a bad effect on the skin. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin, which make it more prone to wrinkles and dryness. Smoking increases the likelihood of getting some skin cancers and leaves your skin sallow.

Over washing the face and hot water. Hot water can dehydrate the skin and cause it to have a dry texture, and over washing can cause it to be stripped away from its natural oils. Use a luke warm temperature that’s gentle for your face.

Touching your skin. It’s best to resist popping pimples because they can spread bacteria and can sometimes encourage the acne to worsen. Sometimes, when we feel irritation it’s best not to pick at the skin, as it can cause inflammation.

Talking on the phone. Our phone has bacteria and grime on it, as we tend to use our fingers to touch it constantly. When using the phone against your face, it can encourage bacteria and acne to grow.

Going to bed without removing your makeup. If you wear foundation and eye makeup, it can leave dirt and oils on your pillowcase. It’s also bad for your skin because the makeup will cause clogged pores.

Eating too many sweet foods, fast food and dairy. If you’re a sweet tooth like me, this is a tricky one, as sugar can affect the skins collagen and elasticity. Collagen affects how resistant the skin is to wrinkling.

Photography by Alexey Merkushov for Bohemian Diesel

6 thoughts on “The Good And Bad To-Do List For You Skin

  1. For all the people with oily skin out there, DON’T FORGET TO MOISTURIZE! I know it’s scary to moisturize since you know, we don’t need more “hydration” but trust me, it’s a very important step! Find a special moisturizer for oily skin, I recommend looking at lush :)

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