Barista Cat Cafe In Auckland

IMAG5965The perfect thing to do on a rainy and chilly winter’s day is to spend the afternoon at a Cat Cafe. This was my third time going to a cat cafe, my first time was in Taipei and my second time was in North Shore. Each cat cafe has a different atmosphere, with the music, food, drinks and of course the darling cats. Barista Cats are home to a number of rescue cats, and you’re able to enjoy an hour of cuddles and patting for $15. This comes with a complimentary coffee, tea or iced beverage. They accept cash, EFTPOS and credit cards, or you can book online.

Cats are such beautiful and intelligent creatures, and unsurprisingly one of my favourite animals. Each cat has its own quirky personality. The service was very friendly and the cats are well taken care of. The weekdays tend to be bit more quieter, as we did walk-in without a reservation. The lovely black cat down below is 14 years old! He was so sweet. Banksy and Mango (the two ginger cats) are like two peas in a pod. They say Banksy has a bit of a romance with Mango – the two are inseparable, often seen cuddling together. Molly, the petite tabby is very gentle and loves to talk as she pleases.

If you’re a cat lover in Central Auckland or just visiting, you should definitely check out the cafe. I must of walked past the road many times, however it’s hidden down Queen Street through Exchange Lane. There’s something about being surrounded by cats that’s very relaxing and comforting. The cat cafe is only accessible for those over 10 years old, and is open 10am till 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday. They also have Cat Yoga on Mondays and Movie nights, but a good idea is to have a look out on their Facebook page. If you do go, let me know what your experience was like!

10 thoughts on “Barista Cat Cafe In Auckland

  1. It looked like a very cozy experience at the cat cafe. It seems to have a homely ambience – cats being allowed to roam free, with sofas and cushions :) I definitely prefer dogs over cats. One time my friend wanted to visit a cat cafe here in Melbourne, so I tagged along. It was something similar to what you described. We booked on weekends and had to book well in advance. Then again, it was the time when the cat cafe just opened. If I remember correctly, I don’t think we were allowed to pick up the cats, but just had to let them roam. No complimentary drink – you had to pay for them.

    1. It really was :) each cat cafe seems to all have their different atmosphere. Mm, I remember I went to a cat cafe where we had to buy food and drinks to enter, we weren’t allowed to pick up the cats, however this one allows you to pick up the ones that don’t mind!

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