Staple + Cloth Vice Versa Collection 2017

lookbook_1_with_words.jpgStaple + Cloth recently launched their new season collection, Vice Versa. The event was held tonight in their Ponsonby Boutique, with each piece of clothing made in New Zealand. The Slip Dress and Jacket are my favourite, and the fabrics are sleek to touch. The wonderful thing about this collection is the versatility of dressing from day to night. Whether it’s for a special occasion, casual wear or mix and matching to cater your own style. Staple + Cloth is a minimalists love at first sight, that features designs for those who love beautiful patterns and prints.19420434_1131774646956190_3492287485937256572_n19424430_1128703457263309_2152054845360707855_n19510507_1134835159983472_5478316345724225212_ng19511069_1132965700170418_105809760556432661_n19642808_1138618776271777_6286425625146239499_nPhotography from Staple + Cloth

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