The Beautiful Feeling Of Your First Love

c4eda111b5ac8bc3d15ffe2462f5e94e.jpgThe feeling of heartache can feel like crashing waves drowning you under the heavy weight, sinking into the bottom of the ocean. You feel empty, angry, upset and confused for a period of time. However, after the ocean of tears, lying in bed staring at the invisible stars and feeling a grey cloud is raining above your head passes, the sun still shines outside and you realise that there’s a lot to be grateful for. Nobody is perfect in this world, and we’re all wonderfully different in our own special ways. God has a beautiful and incredible path for every person in this world.

The power we have is our choice, thoughts, actions and feelings. Thoughts and feelings manifest into the way we see and perceive life through the lens of our mind. A chapter of your life filled with memories that make you laugh, smile, cry and feel a strong sense of sentimentality and reminiscent of another time. There’s beauty in that. At first it doesn’t feel that way, but there’s one truth even if it’s hard to grasp at times, is that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart, that every person that comes and goes in our life, teaches us something precious.

It’s important to love yourself, be kind to yourself and shower yourself with love, because sometimes we forget to do that as much as we should. The beauty of first love, is that it’s true, raw and real. It’s the first time you share your heart with someone in a deep and meaningful way. It’s important to remember that we can never rely on other’s for our own happiness in our lives, however we can share happiness by laughing, walking and talking with others. We can create these wonderful memories and we can choose to learn from all the mistakes made.

All good things must come to an end. The sun will set at the end of the day, but then it will rise the next day. With every tree that dies, another is growing into a beautiful one. First love is special and when you lose it, you may feel that you can never love another person, but first love really shows that we have so much capacity to love. It shows that we’re all filled with the ability to be kinder and loving to ourselves and those around us. Your first love is when you walk the journey of life together, through the good and bad. It’s when you want to change for the better, and be a better person.

Change is natural. It’s hard to grasp a loss of someone you loved so deeply, but the sun will keep shining. The most important thing is to love yourself, because the ones who can truly love us with all their hearts is ourselves. As much as the storm may stir, once it passes, remember the good and beautiful memories. Don’t let them fade, but let them grow stronger by overpowering the memories that make you cry. Be grateful for everything, and strive to learn from the experience. Love is a beautiful thing, and there really isn’t anything more beautiful than love in this world.

Art by Monica Barengo

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Feeling Of Your First Love

  1. But what about when love is painful? It can be amazing but when you’re angry out of love, sad out of love? it’s hard to move on from things that hurt out of love and thus love yourself and so you can no longer let down that guard. You gotta be strong to love at times

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