The Wardrobe Staples For Black Clothes

74bee823b8b2a94abf3b8eac529f4604It’s rare that no one has at least one item of black clothing in their wardrobe, even if it’s a black pair of socks! Unless of course, you have a colourful rainbow of socks which would be perfect for mix matching. You might have a coat, t-shirt, pants, hat, bag, dress or shoes in black (or all of the above). The great thing about black clothing is that it matches and compliments well with nearly any outfit.

Black pair of shoes come with an endless array of styles from ballet flats, boots, loafers, sneakers to heels, sandals, lace-ons and slip-ons. Shoes like ballet flats and boots are a staple that you wear year after year.

Black Coat is a perfect addition during the colder season. It keeps you warm and looks effortlessly stylish. There’s a black coat to suit each person, just like a little black dress to suit anyone. You can opt for a trench coat, blazer styled coat or leather jacket.

Black pants Whether it’s a pair of sweatpants, tailored pants, crop wide pants or leggings, they can often be one of our go-to pieces of clothing. Pants work well for wearing to work and on a casual basis just by switching from a blouse to a t-shirt.

Black t-shirt and sweater Turtlenecks are perfect in Autumn and Winter, especially because they keep your neck warm! The classic black t-shirt is so easy to match with your clothing, that it’s just one of those staple pieces you can wear again and again.

Black skirt A Black skirt might not be for everyone, just as a pair of denim shorts might not be for everyone. Skirts are great for a wide range of occasions and can be styled in different ways. You can pick a suitable length that you prefer.

Black handbag Similar to Black ballet flats, my first handbag was a black handbag. I still remember I wore it until it started tearing and the zipper broke. It was just one of those bags that matched everything and was comfortable to wear.

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