Layers Of Coats And Chilly Autumn Days

2eeba8288e617450f7273d30e7825457The sky was perfect blue and the sun was shining beautifully, but as you step outside the fresh cold touches your face and you breathe in the icy air. It almost felt like I was breathing in little snowflakes on a Winter’s day during Autumn. The leaves are only just starting change colours and gradually say farewell to the trees. There’s something comforting about wearing layers of clothing, like a fluffy cat lying on your stomach purring as you lay in bed. As I type this it’s currently 12 degree celcius, and my scarf is wrapped warmly around my face.

4 thoughts on “Layers Of Coats And Chilly Autumn Days

  1. Good that you enjoy the cold and rugging up. I really dislike it no matter how warm my coat can keep me. Something about the icy air hitting my face or settling around me as I sit and play with my laptop is just annoying to me :D I also find it hard to sleep in cold weather no matter how many blankets I have over me.

  2. Ah I see, I can relate to the coldness when you’re trying to sleep! I think that’s when I put the layers on, but maybe it’s the contrast of feeling cold outside and coming home into a warm space.

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