What Does Fashion Mean To You?

96424afe67169e4b38efe661859fae6cBack in 2015, I studied at a fashion college in Sydney, after realising how much time I spent during university reading about fashion and immersing myself into it. I love the way you could express yourself through the clothing you wore, without having to say a word. I love the creativity behind fashion in creating a piece of clothing. I’m sure if you asked anyone what does fashion mean to you? Each person would have a different answer. Self-expression is important, and the ability to choose what you wear is an instant way to tell others how you see yourself, and perhaps how you want others to see you.

Personal style is more important than trends, as it means that you can reflect and be yourself authentically. However, that isn’t to say one can’t wear something that’s trending if they like it. Personal style simply means not just wearing things just because it’s ‘in fashion’ or trending, but developing your own personal style. My love for fashion started when I bought my first fashion magazine as a teenager. I always had a hobby of drawing, painting and sketching, and in my spare time, I would design clothing. At first, the inspiration started from reading Beatrix Potter, and seeing how beautiful she would draw the clothing on the animals.

Fashion is important. Whether some may disagree, there’s no doubt that it’s something that encompasses our daily life because, well, everyone wears clothes! When we watch films, look at art or read a book, we see, feel or read descriptions of clothing. Last month I was at the museum, and as I walked through the different periods of history, I could see how much fashion changes with time. It’s a part of culture, history, identity, a person’s personality and artistic design. It can also be a form of hiding and disguising or open expression of our identity. In its functional elements, it ultimately keeps us warm, covered and comfortable.

Fashion is a form of communication. It can emote feelings, portray images, be visually pleasing or give us inspiration. We can communicate how we’re feeling, how we see ourselves, what we like and maybe shed a little part of our personality in what we choose to wear. There’s often a conception that the fashion industry is shallow, due to the visual elements. However, we wouldn’t be wearing the clothing we’re in right now, if the fashion industry didn’t exist. We wouldn’t be able to go into a store to purchase a clothing for certain occasions or find something that we feel comfortable or stylish wearing.

What does fashion mean to you?

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace

photography from caves collect

6 thoughts on “What Does Fashion Mean To You?

  1. This is such a nice post and I love the photo, it’s so quirky! To me fashion is so much more than “just” covering my skin and something to keep me warm. It shows my feelings and it can help me feel much more secure about myself! It is my confidence booster and I love it no matter how hard I tried to forget about it! Thanks for the words, they are amazing! Xx


    1. Thank you, it’s lovely, isn’t it! I love the designs that Caves Collect have. It’s an Australian fashion brand :) I completely relate, it’s a way of showing ones feelings! <3

  2. Fashion is… a silent form of self-expression, a work of art, and a form of communication (like you talked about). It’s great to see you posting more about fashion lately! Btw, I thought you studied music at college? Or did you study music, and then switched to fashion?

  3. Thank you :) It’s a bit of a long story (I talk about it on my About page), I studied Music at university for two years, before dropping out and studying a Fashion course. I finished the fashion course and now I’m at uni studying Communication!

  4. Great post and writing! Really got me thinking. To me, fashion and style is about expressing your unique personality and doing what is right for you. It is about finding what suits you and flattering your frame in thr best possible way. It is about the experience one gets from retail therapy too, of course! Oh Prada, we love you!!

     If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:


    It encapsulates everything I just talked about above! It is my vision for fashion!!

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