New Zealand Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

60cc6f698efa317df7fbcdb98d5b8316.jpgNew Zealand has many amazing cruelty free, vegan and organic skincare brands. For the sake of this article, I will focus on cruelty free brands (although many of these are vegan and organic too). When I was living in Australia, there was also an awareness of ethical brands and the ability to choose cruelty free and eco-friendly options.

There are many beauty and skin care products that promote ethical production. As we have increasingly more access to information online, there is more awareness about the brands we use. I’ve listed below just some of the cruelty free brands. However, if you have any that you know, please feel free to comment them down below!

Makeup Apotheka |Belle & Sage | Karen Murrell | Living Nature | World Organics

Haircare Belle & Sage | Earthwise | Ecostore | Essano  | Evolu | Lust | SavarThe Herb Farm

Skincare  Antipodes | Apheleia | ApicareApotheka | BeautousBelle & Sage |BestowBlue Earth | Bon Bon Vegan | Do No Harm | Ecostore | Essano | Ethique | Evolu | Geo Skincare Goodness | La’bonicLinden LeavesLiving Nature | Moana | Nellie Tier |OasisOlive |Only Good Orania | OxygenPlantae Sansceuticals | Skinfood |Snowberry | Stella For Cruelty FreeSurmanti | Tailor  | Tonic RoomTrilogy |Tribeca|  The Herb Farm | The Cruelty Free Shop | World Organics | You Are Loved

Washing Earthwise | Ecostore

Photography by Elias and Theresa Carlson

4 thoughts on “New Zealand Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

  1. Very helpful list thanks heaps for posting. One quick question – When you pulled together this list did you look at whether the Brands were sold through China? I am very interested in using products that are not tested on animals,use no ingredients that are tested on animals and also finally not sold through CHINA (as if sold through China they are by law required to be tested on animals). Looking at some of the websites it is a little tricky to navigate what their policies are and if they sell in China with out contacting them. any extra information/help would be very helpful. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Michelle! That’s a good question, it’s always tricky in these instances. It’s true that unfortunately ingredients are still tested on animals in China. Although, some of the websites are quite transparent. For example ecostore says:

    You may know that ecostore exports to China, where testing for some cosmetics products made or sold in mainland China is required. Rest assured, any products we sell to Chinese customers are sold online, which means we’re not required to test them on animals. Our products won’t be available in physical stores in mainland China as long as animal testing is required there.

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