The Law Of Attraction And The Power Of Positivity

When we have gratitude, it reminds us of how much we have. We see our lives as full and abundant, rather than lacking and empty. When we say thank you, it acknowledges the person, as well as the small things in life. It makes us feel good, as well as the other person. Do you ever notice when you see someone smile or laugh, how their eyes light up, and how contagious it can be. You might smile with them or see them radiate. No one can be happy all the time, but being positive is attractive. The law of attraction was introduced to me by my mother several years ago. At first, I felt hesitant, but over the years it began to manifest.

After reading the book  Excuse me, your life is waiting, it goes more in depth on the power of our feelings. As important as our thoughts are, the way we project our feelings into the world, has more power than we may realise. They act like magnets, that attract what energy we put out. According to new habits, a habit can take around two months or more to truly stick with it. When we learn to stay calm in many situations, and create a sense of peace, it becomes a habit over time. It comes more naturally, and therefore we feel less tension over time. When we put our focus on negativity, that can also become a habit. We become used to feeling worried or stressed in certain situations.

I talked to my dear friend today, and we chatted about how our 20’s are the years where we will be learning so much more about who we are as a person, the new experiences we’ll have, what we love and how we see our lives in the near future. The thing that we talked about is how it’s easy for us to look at others and think that they have it all together. They look like they know what they’re doing in their life. However, it’s more often that no one else knows what they’re doing either. Perhaps we might have plans, but then there is the unpredictability of life. It’s a simple reminder that life can take different turns, changes and it can be hard at times. We all go through different seasons.

Even if there are those who look like they have it all, you never know if someone is going through a hard time. It’s how we react to certain situations that sends out that energy. Some people might take something more strongly, and others can feel that, whereas some people might take it calmly and you can’t tell they are going through something hard. There are so many good things happening in this world. I really want to reiterate that so many good things happen today, because we are constantly reminded of the bad things in the world. It’s important to be aware of realities in the world, but it’s as important to remember the beauty in life.

The people we surround ourselves, the things we do in life, the way we react and how we attract better things into our life comes down to ourselves. When you ask yourself for positive, intelligent and kind friends, and hold that thought with a sense of calm and send that energy into the universe, you are far more likely to attract those sort of people. Imagine the feeling of laughing and talking with them and feeling wiser and truly happy when you’re with them. Make it feel like it’s in the present, and let the feeling of gratitude fill you up. When you’re in a rut in your life and hit rock bottom, you can decide whether you want to attract those who want to help you, or those who will give you bad influence.

Seeing the strength in yourself and having self love is really important in the law of attraction. When I watched Cartia’s video below, I like that she talked about how she doesn’t like it when people say the word “Impossible”. I completely agree, because impossible, makes me think of words like no, can’t and won’t. Those words immediately stop us from wanting to reach our goals, or attract the right things into our lives. Having a sense of gratitude, widens our window and makes us realise how much is possible, and how much we’re capable of.

When we have judgment, doubt and negative thoughts, we stop instantly for the path to continue. We dim and turn off the lights, rather than help ourselves to keep growing. The truth is, many people who just hear of the law of attraction, will think it’s a fad, however over time when you truly use it, you realise that it’s a way of living a fulfilling life. It reminds us that we have the power in our lives to attract what we want. We know that there are things in life we can’t change, but it puts the focus on what things we can change in our lives, and we use it to our advantage. When we feel and visualise good things into our lives, we’re creating a gift that gradually unwraps over time.

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6 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction And The Power Of Positivity

  1. ” t’s more often that no one else knows what they’re doing either. ” I so agree with this. For a long time, I thought that others around me knew what they were doing, from my older friends to my more experienced colleagues. But last year when I started a new job and was trained at work, I realised that my more experienced colleagues didn’t know it all at work, and were also juggling personal lives as well. I suppose a lot of us put up a strong front so as to get through each day and really, try to make a difference to others around them as well.

    Love how you ended this piece. Over time, we live and we learn and we become better at being ourselves :)

    1. I appreciate this comment, because it really shows that no matter age we are, no ones life it perfect and all sorted out. I always found that as we grow older, more people tend to hide their true feelings. It’s true in some ways, but other times I feel it is a bit sad, that adults have to often hide a lot of what they’re feeling.

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