Saying Farewell To Yen Magazine

farewell.jpgI was staring at my laptop screen yesterday in disbelief that Yen Magazine was closing down. Being one of my favourite magazines,  it deserved a post of its own to remember the wonderful things that Yen Magazine brought us in the last 15 years. My appreciation goes towards how many local creative cookies they showcase. It also comes down to how they have kept a genuine voice over the years. Yen and Frankie magazine were two of the magazines I bought the most over the years. The beauty of Yen was how they introduced a variety of artists, content written by contributors and creative pieces by local talents.

It was the wonderful space of fashion, music, craft, art, photography, writing, beauty, culture and the stories from readers and writers. In the About page, it says: Yen celebrates all the wonderful thinkers, makers and do-ers in the world. Across print and digital, we’re for switched-on, smart, creative cookies who love to be inspired. Covering fashion, beauty, art, photography, entertainment, homes, travel and wellbeing, Yen also focuses on showcasing women doing amazing things and prides itself on supporting local talent through its content and The Yen Female Art Awards and Short Story Prize.

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With a tear in our eye, we announce the latest and final issue of Yen goes on sale today. We’re proud to go out on a high note, with an issue that emulates all that has gone before it and celebrates all the good things in our own backyard. There’s homegrown fashion and beauty, artist @frances_cannon's Self Love Club and a guide to lost treasure. Plus we chat to a bunch of comedians, dancers, artists and charity heroes. Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank you, the reader, for your lovely letters, your input, for subscribing or picking us up at the newsagency, for reading us online and for being part of the Yen community. So long and thanks! The Yen team Subscribers Our subscriptions team have been in contact with all subscribers about receiving refunds on their remaining issues (or conversely, receiving back issues or a replacement mag subscription instead). You can email the team at: or call them free on 1300 361 146

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Farewell Yen! Thanks for all your wonderful and colourful pages that brought a little something extra special into our days. xx

Photography by Kara Riley

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