Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

2013-week-50-how-to-live-like-a-french-girl-673x480Cindy is an illustrator and blogger from Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. She graduated at the art school Fontys Academy of Visual Arts, specializing in illustrative design. Her work is all handmade, where she likes to mix materials and techniques. Cindy uses a mix of acrylic paint, gouache, water colour, colour pencils, pen and ink and collage technique. She loves using lino cuts which she cuts out of old floor parts and hand print on recycled paper using acrylic paint. She tries to use as much water based paint and recycled materials as possible.

After graduating she started working in fashion. She worked as a visual merchandiser and then carried on opening up her own boutique. When she was a shop owner, she started her Mangomini blog where she posted drawings of what she wore. She is a regular contributor at Hello Giggles and Sparknotes. When she is not drawing things she likes to spend her time eating chocolate, reapplying lip balm, collecting nice pictures and music, drinking wine with friends and over-thinking everything. Some of my favourite blog posts, is the imaginary Pinterest Pages and the Disney Princess style.

Check out Cindy’s work below (all work from her Etsy/Blog). Support her on the social media links down below:

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alexa-chung-style-cindy-mangomini.jpgHow to Dress like Alexa Chung – Leopard Coats, Chuck Taylors, Turtlenecks, fedora hat, Longchamp bag, tartan scarf, minimal jewellery, Book: It, Overalls, Shirts, Denim to be Parisian – Ballet flats, Chanel No. 5, lace lingerie, striped shirt, classic sunglasses, leather jacket, black heels, eat pastries, cheese, drink coffee and wine.clueless-halloween-costume-insta.jpg

Clueless Halloween Costume – Tartan bag, yellow matching suit, long white socks, black beret, white heels, pearl earrings, fluffy pink pen, big telephone.2014-week-7-how-to-do-british-style-673x480.jpg

How to do British Style – Always carry an umbrella, quirky accessories, brogues or loafers, statement coats, tea dresses and biker jackets.2013-week-52-how-to-survive-the-holidays-breakfast-at-tiffanys-style-673x480.jpg

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style – Big Black Sunglasses, Kitten heels, pink lipstick, trench coat, sleep mask, Little black dress and a bit hat.2013-week-46-how-to-dress-like-alexa-chung.jpgHow to dress like Alexa Chung – Peter pan collared clothing, Cat ballet flats, leopard boots, winged eyeliner, buttoned up shirts and high waisted shorts.

12 thoughts on “Cindy Mangomini | Fashion Illustrator

  1. Cindy’s work is beautiful :) I love how she draws all her work; it feels less restrained when you want to get inspired by the clothes she features, as you can choose similar items in your wardrobe without feeling that they’re not the ‘same’.
    I’m really enjoying your fashion posts so far Katie!!

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