Berets And Turtlenecks For Four Seasons

ffd76714df18c4e720312c5f2b1a721c.jpgWhenever I see someone wearing a beret, I can’t help admire the way it sits on their head like a little mushroom. Strange, but true. When I was younger, the idea of wearing a turtleneck wrapped around my neck made me feel ticklish and all sorts of discomfort. But after wearing them over time, I have a new appreciation for the warmth they give and the casual style it speaks, without being over done. As Parisian beret’s can feel, they are worn often in Asia. They almost feel like wearing a costume or being in character for a film, when I think back to fashion editorials and movie scenes in the 20th century.


On a cool Summer’s day, the perfect match is wearing a light and thin turtleneck by itself, or layered with a jacket or knitwear. Pair it with a skirt, cropped pants, shorts, loose jeans or tights. During the hotter months, wearing more colour can make your outfit more exuberant and vibrant, although for those who often wear black (like me), you may already be used to the feeling of the hot sun soaking into your skin.


Windy days, hot chocolates and leaves falling off the trees. Autumn is when I will wear long sleeves and start covering my legs and arms. The long shirts, boots and pants come out of the wardrobe. A beret gives an effortless look, and compliments a turtleneck with all its charm and modestly chic style. It feels artsy and somehow wearing stripes with a beret makes me think of a mime artist.


Winter is my favourite season, with all the layering, coats, cosily wrapped up in a scarf and fleeing the feeling of sweat. It means the lack of feeling in your nose, fingers and everywhere else. Winter means carrying an umbrella, wearing your gloves, hats, stockings, long pants and socks to escape the cold weather. It’s simple, but makes you look polished and well dressed, especially with a long coat or jacket.


Spring always makes me think of floral, skirts and delicate colours. It’s just when the weather is cooling down, the rain is starting to come and go and the days are filled with sunshine or wispy clouds. Beret and turtlenecks always feel vintage, old school and make me think of Alexa Chung, which is why they are the perfect combination to wear.

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