Femininity Is Not Defined By Your Bra Size

85fb266a90b45fbe673a833fab94cd37.jpgFemininity isn’t defined by the length of your hair, the makeup you wear, the width of your waist or the bra size you wear. It’s not defined by whether you have long lashes, wear dresses or heels. It’s ultimately the way you embody yourself as a female individual. It strips away any stereotypes of what it means to be the classic woman, but reminds us what it is to be unapologetically our own person. Take the example of how you can still be feminine with short hair. Think of Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and Sigourney Weaver who have all shaved their heads before.

As a teenager, I was someone who mostly wore sports bras or camisoles underneath my uniform. I wore shorts throughout the last years of my schools, because the skirts were too long for me, and I didn’t want to sew the hem to make them shorter, as many girls did. When I think of the way femininity cannot be defined by social norms, I think of Cate Blanchett wearing a suit and absolutely killin’ it. The misconception often tied with femininity is that it has to completely do with how one appears. The truth is that it has more to do with how we feel.

It’s the feeling of self confidence and happiness that exudes and shines through. It’s the intelligence, wit and fearlessness one holds. There are no rules in being comfortable in your own skin. As someone who doesn’t wear a bra most of the time, it’s not a deliberate decision to make any point, but it’s simply for comfort. However, after my teenage years and really embracing the body I’ve grown up in, I realise how much society often defines having breasts as sexy and feminine.We live in a highly visual and social media interactive world. I’d rather see a person by their character, than treat them by the way they appear. Our bodies are ultimately a place to keep us healthy and lively. Femininity is not defined by your bra size.

Image via Mahsa Label


  1. “Gender Fluidity” is what I believe in.
    I never understood the craze among girls of having bigger breasts even though they are hard to handle. Just to impress another gender? From that young age? This things also reflect face of our society and the senseless first world problems.

    1. Ah thank you, I’m glad it spoke to you! It definitely is, I feel women are judged harshly in many aspects of society eg. abilities, looks, (and then again men are judged too in different aspects), but the more we challenge it, the more we can move towards change.

  2. Brilliant piece of writing. I really enjoyed that as its so true. I love to see posts regarding self love, we need more of it in the world. Thankfully more people are beginning to write about it! Brilliant.

    Love Rosie Mauu.

    My recent post is regarding health benefits of female masturbation. I feel this is something that should also be spoken about more freely. Have a read if you like :)


  3. Thank you Rosie! We definitely do, it’s really the only way we can live a truly fulfilling life, and also the only way for us to be truly kind and loving towards other people! I will have a read :)

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