All Good Things Must Come To An End

ccca282823062ebddacae5bc2f8c0154.jpgWhen I first heard the words all good things come to an end, it was nearly ten years ago on Nelly Furtados song All Good Things (Come to End). I used to think it meant that everything good eventually comes to an end. When I think of the ones I love, those are the kind of good things that will never truly come to an end. They are usually long lasting, but they do remind us that each of us will leave the world some day. No one lives forever. This article touches on the aspects of life that do come to an end in a short period. Everything in our daily life starts with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. The Summertime comes and goes.The beautiful days have their endings, and so do the bad.

There may of been a friendship that fell out, but it was wonderful while it lasted. There were happy memories made, and you look back with a feeling of warmth. Imagine the feeling when you were in your childhood home. The way the smell of baking would fill the house with a lovely aroma, the laughter with your family and the comfort you felt. All of us grow up, and in time we all move on to live elsewhere. It’s those moments that an ending was needed, and when we look back, we can appreciate those times. During the past week, there have been many picked white, pink and orange roses sitting in a vase beside me. They are just the most beautiful flowers, but after a few days they fade a little and say goodbye.

Time is a part of our life, and as it ticks on we walk through the storms and sunshine. The way change is inevitable, the fact that we’ll all pass someday is inevitable. There is a certain peace within that, because it reminds us to keep living our lives the best we can. I’d like to think that the saying, means that we will cherish and appreciate more of the good times, no matter how long they may last. If you think of the last time you hit rock bottom, maybe you are completely calm and happy in this moment. However, the time you were down, could be an experience that strengthened you and taught you a valuable lesson. Everyone goes through good and bad times.

All good things must come to an end, shouldn’t be perceived as a bad thing. It simply reminds us of the reality of life. Take in the moment and enjoy it. Every event we look forward to, comes to an end. Every good meal we eat, is finished within the next hour! The movie you watched, the place you lived for years, the places you traveled to and the book you spent time reading. Today has 24 hours, and before you know it it’s tomorrow. Do you ever notice that near the end, nearly all of us seem to say to ourselves “The years gone by so fast!”. Perhaps, during the year there were slow period of times, but as the year closes there’s this feeling that the good things have come to an end.

Each of us will go through seasons in different chapters of our lives. Since arriving in New Zealand, I appreciate the wonderful start of this chapter. I’m not sure where it will take me, and the only thing I feel sure of are the ones I love. For everything else, I want to take it one day at a time and be more present in my life. Living with the reminder to make the most of what we’ve got. Everything good and bad has a beginning and ending. The most freeing thing in the world is knowing that any pain or sad times we go through, will pass and that every beautiful moment we experience will always be treasured. The other day I was walking outside in the garden, and a monarch butterfly flew by. They only live 2-6 weeks as an adult, yet they seem to just make the most of it.

Art by Monica Barengo

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