The Mind Of A Positive And Negative Person

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c90583180ed35ed5b4f43aab5d213c12.jpgWe’ve all been in the positive and negative parts of our mind, and felt those feelings of wonderful enjoyment and pulsing stress. I was recently shared an article from Successful Entrepreneurship here, that I’d love to share here. If you know who drew these wonderful pictures, please let me know. A good advice I have often heard, is that our emotions affect our body. What we think and feel can affect our health and well being. These pictures below really give us the daily reminder of what it means to be a positive person. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson. 

1Change means going out of your comfort zone. It means growth and discovery. Everyone faces that feeling of being afraid of something, and some of us like to stick to our ways of doing things. However, sometimes we have to try things a different way in order to see the world from a wider perspective. When we fear change, we make excuses for why we can’t do this or that. When we welcome new things into our lives, we realise how exciting and rewarding it can be.2When we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, then we can understand. Every job has it’s good and bad. When I lived in Sydney, the cleaners in my building were some of the friendliest and hard working people that I saw. A positive person recognises others abilities, talents and hard work. They admire them for it and want to encourage them. Whereas, a negative person expects them to be doing it, without any praise. 3We’ve all had a conversation with someone that only talks about themselves. Perhaps you may of had a friend in the past who only ever came to you, in order to speak about their own life. It can make one feel like they’re only a counselor, rather than a friend. A positive person cares about other people. They don’t want to put their troubles into other people. They’re curious and show interest in other people. 4In some senses we’ve all felt as if we’re the only one who’s felt a certain way or experienced a certain thing. It’s natural that everyone wants to feel happy in their life. I remember being told, that a part of true happiness comes from helping others. It brings a warm fulfillment in our lives. It’s being kind and considerate towards others, and seeing every person as equals. A positive person is someone who’s willing to help, without wanting anything in return. 5Everyone makes mistakes. If we didn’t make any, we wouldn’t be able to learn what to do and what not to do. What’s right and wrong. What’s good and bad. A negative person blames others for something they did wrong. They always think it’s other people’s faults that they did this or that. Whereas a positive person accepts their own failures. They are willing to apologise and improve from their mistakes. 6We’re taught from a young age to say “Sorry”, because it teaches us to recognise our mistakes, and it teaches us to admit our wrongs. A negative person asks themselves “Why should I say sorry?”, but a positive person asks themselves “Why did I do that?”. When we hurt someone or make a mistake, it’s important to apologise. It acknowledges that you know that it was wrong and that you don’t feel good about it.7We should never put others down or use other people for our own personal gain. That is one of the number one ways to hurt others, by pointing out their failures in order to climb over them. No matter if it’s in your personal or professional life, there always needs to be harmony in order to truly succeed. I don’t believe that those who reach the top doing bad things, truly succeed. Rather the ones who have worked hard and made good relationships have. 8There is a difference between constructive criticism and unkind judgment. Distinguishing between the two is very important. Some people genuinely care, and want to give their advice that can enable you to become a better person. Whereas others may only want to put you down. When we welcome constructive discussion, we open our arms to change and improvement. We show that we value others advice and experience. When we hide away from it, it means that we’re hesitant and more stubborn to change aspects of ourselves that we may or may not realise are not beneficial for our self growth.9Similarly to how we feel rewarded by helping others, positive people want to rise other people up. They want everyone to reach their goals. They are happy for others success and achievements. A negative person wants others to fail, because they believe that’s the only way they will reach the top. They grow jealous of others achievements. A positive person knows that they are on their own journey, and will reach their goals differently to the person beside them. 10Self talk is one of the most important part of how we ultimately live our life. We all have the ability to decide. We can decide whether we want to live a good life or a bad life. We can choose if we want to stay in a job we enjoy or don’t enjoy. We can decide if we’re happy in a friendship or not. Negative people don’t try to improve. Their mind is narrowed down significantly, when they don’t see their full potential. A positive person recognises the areas that need to change in their life. 11Everyone is good at something. But, not everyone knows everything. When we allow ourselves to think we know everything, we don’t learn anything new and we stick to our old ways of thinking. Learning is a part of our daily life. You know when you say “You learn something new everyday”, it’s true. “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” — Zig Ziglar

3 thoughts on “The Mind Of A Positive And Negative Person

  1. This is so insightful, Katie. I can relate to most of the illustrations with regards to being positive side. There were big changes in my plans last year and I’m now onto another path that I’m excited yet fearful about at the same time. Your post made me see that I’ll be okay and that whatever I’ve left behind are still a part of me. I’d like to think being introverts helps us in a way where even if we think (and overthink) a lot, we always end up with positive thoughts and do good by it. :)

    1. Thank you. I’m so happy that the illustrations were relatable to you as they were for me! When I first read the original article, it felt like a wonderful daily reminder to have. I understand. I’ve just been through a big change in my life too, but hopefully it allows us to go out of our comfort zone. All the best with the new year and ahead :)

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