The Nine Ways INFJs Are Like Cats

b6eddc61601ab424fffad7466b172e52.jpgIf you’re a fellow INFJ and cat lover, then you may appreciate the ways cats tend to remind us of certain aspects of being an introvert. Cats like humans, can be more of an introvert, extrovert or in between. Every cat is vastly different, and every person for that matter! Although, unlike their canine friends, they tend to be a lot more calm, quiet and independent. They are a book readers greatest companion and a writers lap partner. Cats are intelligent, curious and full of personality and character.

1. Giving a cold and distant impression, but are actually warm at heart. This depends on every persons personality. Most of the time, if I’m meeting a stranger for the first time, I am usually friendly and try to make an effort. However, if I’m in an environment that I’m not completely comfortable in, sometimes I feel much more reserved. Cats tend to be more weary of those they don’t know, and over time they become warm and affectionate once they become closer to the person.

2. Don’t always want to conform to social norms. Generally speaking, cats tend to do what they want without caring what others think. Perhaps that may be why they are often not as popular and sociable as dogs in some cases. Many introverts enjoy doing certain things on their own, and are not always agreeable to popular opinion. They tend to have their own opinions that they may not always vocally express.

3. They have resting sad face, but are not necessarily sad. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I may have a very blank face that causes people to ask if I am okay. 90% of the time I am indeed fine, but I find cats are often this way. They have a very stern and aloof face, but many of them are very affectionate and full of personality.

4. A lone wolf who prefers spending more time alone. Introverts need alone time to recharge and in order to regain their energy. Cats can spend a lot of time alone sleeping and doing their own thing, but are sociable for short periods of time. Mostly they like to be left alone. INFJ’s are similar in the sense that they need some of the most time alone, yet they still feed off of those small moments of socialising.

5. We tend to have a calm and quiet demeanour. Not all introverts are necessarily quiet, but many may appear calm. The reason why I love cats so much is because they tend to be a lot more laid back (with an exception of playful kittens). I love dogs, but they can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if they jump around me and try to lick me.

6. Getting to know someone one on one. We want to know people on a deeper level, rather than engage in constant small talk. INFJ’s like to reserve their energy in meaningful conversations, rather than large gatherings. They thrive off engaging topics and are passionate individuals. Often in group situations, they will be in the background or the person nodding their head. However, introverts often have some of the greatest ideas to contribute.

7. Choosing friends carefully and more selectively. Unlike dogs who are loving to those they see, cats are more particular about who they give their affection to. Similar to INFJ’s, we tend to be more careful of who we choose to be a friend as we tend to want it to be long term, meaningful and deeper.

8. Enjoying the simple things in life. Whether it be a good book or a walk at the park, most INFJ’s enjoy the simple tasks. Cats are easy going and spend most of the time sleeping, eating, exploring and being the curious felines they are. They can easily amuse themselves with the most simple things.

9. Getting to know someone more once you spend time with them. INFJ’s don’t tend to show their full personality to just anyone. It takes time for them to reveal parts of themselves, as they gradually become more and more comfortable with the person. Cats are similar, in the way that at first they may appear a certain way eg. No. 3. However, once you take the time to get to know them, you see them in a completely different light.

Photography by Lena Ermakova


  1. I’m not totally a cat person but I totally agree with your observations here. Dogs are my joy but my sister has a cat that I’ve grown fond of. This maybe the reason why we’ve been sort of aloof with one another — we’re both introverts. :)

  2. Cats are the best! Really enjoyed this post of yours and what you said really reminded me of my cat and my introvert side. I definitely agree with you, I do think cats are somewhat introverted creatures.

  3. I love these kind of personality-posts. They’re a reminder to the introverts and INFJ’s, among others, out there that they’re not alone. And that this is not a post to ‘box’ them, but to highlight the many qualities that we have.

  4. Finally someone wrote a topic on this! I have always thought of the similarities between my personality and that of a cat but I just can’t bring myself to write on those qualities! Thanks for sharing!

    Hello from Singapore!

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