Dear 2016: End Of Year Thoughts

aliceinwonderland.jpgThis year I spent my last few months being a teenager, and my first few months being a twenty year old. The truth is that by the time you hit a certain age, you never really feel like that age (at least that’s how I feel). A part of me thought to myself very often, how much I didn’t want to become an adult. Then I remember when I was younger, as did many of us remember, how much we longed to grow up. It’s funny but remembering that, reminds me to just focus on enjoying where I am now, rather than longing for another time. There were so many good and bad things that happened in the world this year. Yet, in my life there were things that I never thought I would need to experience but did.

I felt that I have changed the most this year, than any other time I can remember. There is so much I feel grateful for, that I am reminding myself more and more when I hit rock bottom. It’s easy to forget how much we have, when negative thoughts take over. 2016 was a year of overcoming. Overcoming challenges, fears and comfort zones. Welcoming the feeling of making mistakes and learning from them. Welcoming the truth that no one else knows what they’re doing either. No matter how much we plan or look like we have it all together, we’re all just going a long with this journey called life.

disney-disney-movie-disney-movies-grow-up-growing-up-movie-favim-com-65072Growing up doesn’t mean giving up the childlike aspects of ourselves. Not in the sense that we are totally unaware, but rather keeping that simple way of thinking. Adults can often make life far more complicated than it really is. In fact we should be encouraged to always let that simple part of ourselves shine, because it’s the most raw and honest part of who we are. I don’t know about you, but as each year goes by, I am more hesitant to make a long list of new years resolution. Somehow, half of them always end up being the same ones year after year. I want to set more short term goals and focus on them a lot more.

I thought about The Little Prince a lot this year, and read the book several times and watched the film a few times. A quote in the book reads “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” There is a sense that children are able to hold onto their innocence and stay true to themselves, where as adults often only care of unimportant things. Whether that is status, money, career and so on. This quote speaks so much and reminds us of the importance of imagination, creativity and honesty. The qualities that set us apart from others.
alice.jpgA little while ago I talked about the unpredictability of life. Sometimes life gives us a different path than we expected, and sometimes things happen to lead us onto something better. Many things in life are a blessing in disguise. I have been feeling a bittersweet and reminiscent feeling of returning home to NZ. It makes me sad to be long distance yet again with my dear one, but I’d like to think that life isn’t linear. If there is one thing I want to practice more and more of tomorrow and each new day, is to have more gratitude in my life and not forget it.

A dear friend of mine sent a bible verse to me near the end of this year, and it really touched me. Although this year was filled with laughter and happy memories, there were period of times I really struggled and felt completely hopeless. Everyone goes through their own pain in different chapters of their life.

18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
19 The righteous person may have many troubles,
but the Lord delivers him from them all.

Psalm 34:18-19

We will all have bad days and good days. There are always better days to come, and most of all the most important moment we have is right now. It’s easy to feel alone about something, but the truth is so many people in this world know what it may feel like. My wish for 2017 is to stay healthy, happy and be more grateful for the small things. The small things in life are sometimes the things that give us the greatest joy.

9 thoughts on “Dear 2016: End Of Year Thoughts

  1. This is one of the nicest posts i’ve ever read. Especially about remembering to be content with now, because it was a time our child-selves longed for. Beautiful as always, happy 2017 xx

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