Pros And Cons Of Living In Sydney

15502963_374884972865790_1758384577_o.jpgMy last beach day was during a beautiful blue Summer’s day at Coogee Beach. Sydney has been great for the past two years, and it will definitely be very sad when it’s time to say goodbye. Sydney is the only city that I’ve lived in in Australia, but I would love to visit Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide some day. Before moving here, it’s a good idea to plan your trip and research about living in the city. If you’ve never lived in Sydney, it’s good to know what to expect. If you’re staying short term, it’s a good idea to make a plan on how you’re going to afford living here and what you want to achieve during that time.


There is always something to do in Sydney. There is always a musical at Capitol Theatre or a play on at the Sydney Theatre Company. There are cinemas all over the city, the wonderful botanical gardens, music performances and different events going on around the city. Sydney has a great lifestyle that caters to many different people.

It’s a dog lovers city. There are heaps of dog lovers in Sydney. The dogs I’ve seen the most are pugs, border collies, corgis, dachshunds, french bull dogs, cavalier king charles spaniel and golden retrievers.

A great place to work and have a career. Sydney is a great place to work. It’s a city with good opportunities and there are a lot of inspiring people to meet. Sydney also has a lot of entrepreneurship and start up companies, as well as the larger corporate businesses.

People are more free in the way they dress. I’m not sure how to explain this one. From my observation, I feel people in Sydney embrace their personal style. Many people are very stylish. People wear what they want, and no one really cares. I still remember seeing a girl in cosplay or seeing people dressed in Disney, and no one turned an eye.

Sydney is a beautiful city. There are moments when you sit down at the beach, take a walk around the harbour or visit a park in the city and can’t help admiring how beautiful it is. I love the old buildings in Sydney, like the Broadway Shopping Centre and Queen Victoria Building.

Free medical care when you see the doctor. New Zealanders can apply for a Medicare card, which means that each time you visit the doctor or the hospital that takes bulk billing, you don’t need to pay for it. Medicare largely subsidies treatment by general practitioners, hospitals and opticians.

Travel is super convenient in the city. Once you get an opal card, you can take the train and the bus pretty easily. Walking in Sydney is also great, especially if you’re living in central. There are distances which may take 20 minutes to bus, but only 3o minutes to walk. The ubers that I’ve been on have all been friendly and they are far more reliable, as you never know if a taxi driver may take a longer route to try earn more money.

Fireworks at Darling Harbour on Saturday nights. Most Saturdays there will be fireworks down at Darling Harbour. If you also go to the new years fireworks, they’re really amazing.

A wide variety of cafes and restaurants. During the two years I lived here, there was a Taiwanese restaurant that we regularly went to. There are also heaps of amazing cafes in Sydney. I really love the cafes in Glebe, such as Badde Manors, Well Co. Cafe, Sappho books & wine bar and Wedge Espresso. There are also vegetarian options in many cafes in Sydney.


Sydney is an expensive place to live. It can be very expensive when you add up all the accommodation, weekly living fees, bills and transport. The rent in Sydney is crazy high in many places. However, I feel that it would be a good place to work and live, as the pay is a lot higher in Sydney. In terms of affording somewhere to live long term, the prices of properties average around $1 million dollars

The Summer time can get extremely hot. I still remember my first day experiencing a 40 degree Celsius Summer’s day.

Crowded in certain areas and hours. During rush hour, it will definitely be very busy, especially if you’re taking the train. The road that we live by gets very congested during the mornings and late afternoons.

Inner city smokers. This is most painful when you are in a huge crowd, and there is one person smoking in front of you, with the smoke going behind. This is one of the things I have to note as it happens often and often it was people who walk very slowly.

Many places only accept cash. Although this isn’t everywhere, there are certain places that only accept cash, which means it’s always good to have cash on you in case you eat at a restaurant or cafe that doesn’t take card.

Pros & Cons (The Good & Bad)

Sydney has a large population of 4.9 million people. If you come from a smaller city like Auckland, which has a population of 1.5 million, it might take time to adjust to the feeling of being surrounded by more people.

It’s a fast paced city where most people are studying, working or travelling. There are several universities in Sydney and you will always see people in suits and people travelling to work. Life in Sydney never really slows down. There are always people rushing off somewhere. In certain areas of the city there are many tourists (especially during Summer), such as Darling Harbour or Sydney Opera House. However, there are many places to wind down and take it easy eg. beaches and parks.

The Sun. On a warm day, the Sydney sun can be great for a beach day. I think the two things you’ll definitely need when living in Sydney, is sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses. You may see people carry umbrellas, because the sun can be extremely harsh at times. I’ve done this as well, because the sun is particularly strong in Sydney.


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