Embrace Unpredictability And Accept Change

922a996da7ac9f7872d4a37d6421acba.jpgUncertainty is a feeling that we’ve all experienced. As the previous post mentions, we must learn from the past, plan for the future and stay in the present. As we grow older, our thoughts, views and perspectives change. Life can come with unexpected moments and period of times where one feels lost and confused. Those are the moments that teach us the importance of change. Change helps us get out of our comfort zone. There is change that happens when we don’t expect it, and then there is change that we have planned for. Most of the time when we’re faced with new experiences, they are from changes in our lives. They teach us how to face different situations, learn from mistakes and open our minds.

Growth can provide positive change. Have you ever had experiences in the past where you felt something challenging happened, and it really made you see a part of yourself you never thought existed? You didn’t know you could fight through or deal with the situation, but you did. It reminds us that we’re stronger than we know. Embracing unpredictability allows us to worry less. We know we’re in control of what we can plan and strive for, but we leave be what we’re not in control of. It reminds me of the saying from the Serenity Prayer God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. 

Unpredictability is what makes part of the excitement in life. Wouldn’t it be boring to know everything that is yet to happen in our lives? Every experience we have in our life comes with the good and bad. However, it’s how we look at it that shapes who we are. We can look at a bad situation, learn from it and allow it to make us a better person. I remember a friend telling me how important it is to keep life simple, especially when it can often feel so complicated. Most of the time it’s because we make it so complex and deep, like a never ending maze in our mind. Most of the time, the situation is never as hard as it seems.

What are the things that make you truly happy in life? Whatever it may be, try to fit them into your life each day. It will give your life much more meaning. We spend time trying to control certain aspects of our life. Everyone does it, whether they know it or not. It can be the smallest thing or a big situation. The freedom of living with more peace and calm, is to embrace spontaneity and lack of control of everything. Embracing possibilities, opportunities and unpredictability allows us to open ourselves to more experiences. It’s something that I am still learning, and perhaps you may be too.

3 thoughts on “Embrace Unpredictability And Accept Change

  1. It is funny isn’t it, that we plan our lives and try to be prepared for the future, yet ironically everything in life really is unpredictable. You just never know, and you just never know what might come tomorrow. But I am still one of those people who likes to plan because I feel when the unpredictable times do hit, we may have a plan to go along with the situation and feel more comfortable. Sometimes planning is about keeping our emotions and level-headedness in check.

    I plan a lot from thinking about what to eat for lunch next week at work, cooking my lunches for next week, to planning things like birthday presents – which I can plan up to a few months in advance :)

  2. I can relate to this comment so much. I’m a list maker, and it’s something I do that keeps me organised. However, I find planning certain things, makes life more simple, such as knowing that there are certain events ahead or things to prepare for. That’s so true! “Sometimes planning is about keeping our emotions and level-headedness in check”

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