The Connection Between Being A HSP & INFJ

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There seems to be a deep connection with being an INFJ and also being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Although not all INFJ’s may be a HSP, it is common. As with all personality type tests, we can’t be defined solely from them. However, there are indeed many aspects of being an INFJ that I can deeply relate to. INFJ’s are often known as the counselor or advocate. They are dreamers and idealists, with a desire to make the world a better place in some small or big way. Many INFJ’s crave an outlet to express themselves through creativity. HSP’s have a high level of sensory processing sensitivity.

1) Our feelings are internally heightened. INFJ’s are commonly thinkers, however HSP’s tend to have heightened awareness of their surroundings through their senses. The external stimulis around them can affect the emotions, especially if it feels particularly intense.

2) Sensitivity can make us more private. INFJ’s are protective of themselves, as they are aware of the world around them. However, those who are highly sensitive will understand the feeling of not exposing oneself fully to the world. They are more particular about who they can trust.

3) The crave for discovering oneself. HSP’s are 70% Introverts and 30% Extroverts, and is found in 15-20% of the population. INFJ’s are said to be found in 1% of the population. I’m not sure how accurate (or inaccurate) statistics can be, but it does feel that way, as there is a desire for many INFJ & HSP’s to better understand themselves.

4) We are extremely empathetic and caring. If there is a cause we deeply care about, we want to contribute or be involved in some way. Our sensitivity causes us to have a natural care and understanding of others, because we tend to want to treat others how we would want to be treated. We are very sensitive of others feelings.

5) Noise can easily disrupt our sleep. For a while I wore earplugs, especially with the construction work at night time. When I am on a plane, I am never able to fall asleep because of the engine sounds or a baby crying.

6) Emotions can often dominate us. It can often remind us the need to differentiate thoughts and feelings. It can cause us to feel burned out more easily, if we allow those feelings to become too intense. Some (though not all) INFJ & HSP may experience a mental illness during their life.

7) Moments of feeling like an outsider. This is a natural feeling for many INFJ’s. We often feel as if we speak a different language or we feel a sense of difficulty in making a friend with someone we can completely relate to. For many HSP’s there is also a need to be in a peaceful and quiet environment.

8) The struggle to find a job you enjoy.  One of the most wonderful things for an INFJ is to be able to pursue something they love and find meaningful. If they love it they will most likely give it their all. If they don’t, then it will be a heavy and hard ride. When one is also a HSP, there is also a need to be in an environment that isn’t over stimulating (eg. bright lights, strange smells, loud noises).

9) We are extremely hard on ourselves. Many INFJ’s are perfectionists. I think it comes down to how we care very deeply and are passionate when doing something we care about. Our sensitivity causes us to speak with our feelings and tell ourselves we can do better, or we will feel great when we have reached a certain goal.

10) The need to escape from certain situations. Similar to No. 8 if an INFJ is not enjoying a job, they will feel a huge desire to leave. Especially if you are an HSP, you will feel distressed if the place you’re working or the situation you are in is causing you to feel overstimulated.

11) The lack of desire to fit in. If you’re like me, you may have experienced high school by being left out from time to time. The realisation that we aren’t for everyone, and not everyone is for us applies to anyone. We want to have those in our lives that want to stay. We want to feel comfortable and be completely ourself in our own skin.

12) Limiting the hours of socialising. Human interaction can become exhausting if it lingers on for hours. We have a limit and need to be able to find time to be in a quiet space. Especially as HSP’s are sensitive to sounds, and INFJ’s are more comfortable in one on one interactions.

13) We have a side that only certain people see. I’m sure everyone is like this to some degree. Most people are more open when with their family or friends. For INFJ’s and HSP’s who are extremely private, there is a certain side that only very close people may only ever see.

14) A way of expressing creativity. Artists need sensitivity in order to express their feelings in dance, painting, music or acting. Highly sensitive people often have a hobby that allows them to express creativity. Many INFJ’s also seek creative jobs, because it gives meaning in their lives. They value it far more than a paycheck or hierarchy.

15) We feel deeply. Most of all (but certainly not least), we feel very deeply. Being an INFJ & HSP is something to embrace. Nobody is perfect. When we feel happiness, we laugh and feel wonderful. When we feel sadness, we cry or feel a deep ocean inside ourselves. It really comes down to how much we care. The things we care and love, are often felt quietly but intensely.

Are you an INFJ & HSP? In what ways do you feel they connect to one another?

Art by Lucy Grossmith

8 thoughts on “The Connection Between Being A HSP & INFJ

  1. just found your blog by chance. as being an INFJ , I googled INFJ friends and feel like i found friend who understand me. thanks for meaningful article : )

  2. I am both INFJ and HSP. I have a lot of empathy for people, and I am very private. I would say it’s definitely true that few people know me well, but those I choose to trust and open up to end up becoming very close friends.

  3. Hi Katie, thank you for your article. I am a INFJ and HSP. I took 4 test twice, as I was made aware that many people mistype as INFJ. Your findings are very accurate for me.

    Sounds, smells and sights are much more noticeable to me that almost everyone I come across. I have learnt to not point out all the sounds, sights, smells etc. that bother me so often as it can be really annoying to other people (esp. people close to me). Everyone in my family knows I have a huge problem with chewing sounds and I have to cope by using ear plugs or sitting far away. The problem is I care very much about how I affect other people and how they feel. On the other hand this causes me to become very irritated, overwhelmed and either angry or sad and it’s a fight to suppress what is going on inside so others don’t notice. Ive tried so much to get over it but nothing really helps other than trying to keep the block the sound and sight somewhat.
    Even though my loved ones all know I can’t stand certain environmental signals it is not like its a problem for them. I keep it to myself mostly so I don’t offend (sometimes with family that is very hard to control however :-) ).

    One of my sisters is also a HSP but not as sensitive. My dad calls us weirdos (with a cheeky smile). It’s a journey…;-)

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