Raising Awareness On National Black Cat Day

blackcat.jpgNational Black Cat Day was on October 27th in the UK to raise awareness and encourage people to adopt a black cat. As a fellow cat lover, I feel that all cats deserve love and care. Unfortunately, black cats are often the least popular option for adoption. This is due to a lot of old superstitious tales that tell us that black cats are bad luck. They are seen as bad omens, company of witches or having magical powers. One of the popular reason, is that most people want to have a colourful cat, as black and black and white cats are very common. In the past, the cats we adopted into our home were based on personality. Sometimes it was the cat that chose us. I remember the moment we left the adoption centre, one of the cats that we patted ran to the window as we drove off. He was scratching and meowing loudly, telling us to take him home and we ended up picking him.

“If you want to concentrate deeply on some problem, and especially some piece of writing or paper-work, you should acquire a cat. Alone with the cat in the room where you work … the cat will invariably get up on your desk and settle placidly under the desk lamp … The cat will settle down and be serene, with a serenity that passes all understanding. And the tranquility of the cat will gradually come to affect you, sitting there at your desk, so that all the excitable qualities that impede your concentration compose themselves and give your mind back the self-command it has lost. You need not watch the cat all the time. Its presence alone is enough. The effect of a cat on your concentration is remarkable, very mysterious.”
― Muriel Spark, A Far Cry from Kensington

Artwork by Taiyo Matsumoto


  1. I feel strongly about this post- my cat was the only fully black one in her litter so she was alone in the pet store for a long time. I believe nobody wanted her because she was black. It’s a sad situation that always makes me angry.

  2. My son loves cats but we can’t have one due to allergies of another child. He reads to cats at the shelter and says he will get a black cat when he grows up. It’s revealing that his youth keeps his from a cultural bias. Nice post

  3. My wife and I LOVE black cats! We think they’re beautiful. We adopted two of them from the animal shelter almost nine years ago, and they’re our precious babies. You’re welcome to read about them on my post, “The Little Devils.”

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